‘Planet Of The Apes’ Inches Closer As We Learn Chimps Prefer To Cook Their Food


The chimpanzee, it turns out, is not only willing to cook its food... it's willing to wait for cooked food.

#Broad City

Hannibal Buress’ ‘Al Dente Dentist’ Website From ‘Broad City’ Is A Real Thing


'The Aldente Dentist' website from 'Broad City' is real and it's wonderful.

3D printing

Watch A 3D Cookie Printer In Action

3D printing is finally relevant to everyone's interests, now that you can churn out cookies.


Watch Sarah Silverman Smoke Pot And Make A Veggie Pot Pie On ‘My Drunk Kitchen’


Sarah Silverman lights up a joint and cooks some delicious treats on the popular web series.


Japan Blows Us Away With This Commercial That Fries Up A Shrimp Dinner With Cannons And Fireballs

We have no idea what they're trying to sell in this amazing Japanese commercial, but a shrimp gun is involved.


Coffee Maker Cooking Is A Thing Now According To The Internet


From the makers of dishwasher cooking comes coffee maker cooking. The newest kitchen craze sweeping the nation.


Hell Yes!: Thanks to Bon Appetit, We Now Have Doritos Bread


Conquering world hunger and stoner munchies at the same damn time.


Russian Chef Puts On A Show

A chef in Russia shows off some extreme shawarma-making skills, especially once the Mortal Kombat theme song kicks in (and his machete comes out).


Making Sandwiches in Space

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how he prepares a 0-g treat.


Baby Thinks Cooking is Hilarious

Sometimes it's the simple things in life.


Two Girls, One Mixer

A pair of teenage girls attempt to get cute while baking.


Breaking Bread

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White get ready for Thanksgiving in this Breaking Bad-themed cooking show parody.


How to Make Twinkies

Hostess going bankrupt shouldn't stop you from enjoying your favorite cream-filled treat -- learn to make your own Twinkies with this quick tutorial.

paula deen

The Paula Deen Blooper Reel Is A Thing Of Hideous Beauty, Involves Deep Throating An Eclair


Blooper reel footage of Paula Deen leaked onto the Internet, and it involves swearing, deep-throating an eclair, and terrible food.


Epic Meal Sticks

The manly food maestros at EpicMealTime demonstrate why things on sticks are far superior to those that are not.


Chinese Pizza

The manly food maestros at EpicMealTime demonstrate how to properly pile Chinese food -- lots of it -- onto their custom dough.


Brewing Beer at The White House

Go behind the scenes in the White House kitchen and see the brewing of President Obama's homemade beer.


Peeling Eggs the Russian Way

Headphones not required.


How to Make a Sandwich When You Don't Have Arms

Tisha Unarmed makes a sandwich with her feet.


Cooking With Power Tools

Four simple ways to use a cordless drill while cooking: as a mixer, a pepper grinder, a cheese grater, and a dish scrubber.

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