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The Reason Katee Sackhoff Wasn’t Cast As Wonder Woman Is Because People Are Dumb

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Katee Sackhoff wasn't offered the Wonder Woman role, but they did consider her for a 'best friend' role, because they're not very bright.

#Robin Williams

CBS Orders Robin Williams Comedy ‘Crazy Ones’ To Pilot

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CBS announced today that they have ordered the Robin Williams comedy "Crazy Ones," which is written and produced by David E. Kelley, to pilot.

Wonder Woman

Three Clips From Failed “Wonder Woman” Pilot Make Everything Clear

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We already broke down the Wonder Woman TV show's terrible.

Wonder Woman

Update: ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Rewritten, Now Less Crappy

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Almost every story about NBC's remake of "Wonder Woman" has carried the asterisk of David E.

Wonder Woman

The Dreaded Hover Hand, Wonder Woman Edition (Plus A SFW Nip Slip)

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Matt already posted <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2011/03/spoiler-alert-wonder-woman-can-run">ten pictures</a> of Adrianne Palicki running in the new Wonder Woman suit, but we never get sick of watching Wonder Woman run so we're posting more pictures as well as a video and some pics of Palicki in the Diana Themyscera alter ego.

Wonder Woman

Here’s The New Wonder Woman

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Both (borderline NSFW pics at link).

Wonder Woman

This Wonder Woman Show Just Gets Better And Better

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The sad thing is I photoshopped this four months ago.

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman TV Pilot Script Is… Um… Yeah.

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<a href="http://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/02/01/scoop-david-e-kelleys-wonder-woman-tv-pilot-script-dissected-without-major-spoilers/">BleedingCool</a> snagged a copy of David E.

Wonder Woman

It’s Not Too Late To Ruin The Wonder Woman TV Show

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"So they said this is about 'feminism' or whatever.

Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman Cleared For Takeoff

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It seems like just a couple weeks ago that David E.

Wonder Woman

David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman TV Show Implodes


A couple months ago we <a href="../2010/10/wonder-woman-tv-show-by-david-e-kelley">reported</a> Warner Brothers was developing a Wonder Woman television reboot written and produced by David E.


'Wonder Woman' Coming Back to TV

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After years of aborted attempts to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen, Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman TV Show By David E. Kelley

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Warner Brothers is developing a Wonder Woman television reboot written and produced by David E.

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