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The Internet Tried To Make Axl Rose Its Latest Death Hoax Victim

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A really stupid and obviously fake article tricked people into thinking Axl Rose died. You should feel bad if you fell for it.


Let’s Remember Celebs Besides Newman From ‘Seinfeld’ Who’ve Been Falsely Declared Dead By The Internet

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These celebrities seem to be constantly dying according to social media. You're nobody until somebody falsely reports that you're dead.


Nelson Mandela Has Not Passed Away


A fake Piers Morgan Twitter account fooled a lot of people into thinking that Nelson Mandela had passed away today from his current lung ailments.


People Believe That Andy Kaufman Is Alive And Well In Albuquerque

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With a new Andy Kaufman comedy album due out in July, the comic's fans still believe that he faked his death in 1984 and currently lives in New Mexico.


Bon Jovi Death Hoax Starter Is A Disgruntled Bon Jovi Fan


Even hear about an internet celebrity death hoax and wonder why whoever started the hoax chose XYZ celebrity to be the victim of the hoax.

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