This Is What An Office Chair Looks Like After Having A Year’s Worth Of Cheeto Dust Wiped On It

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Is this the work of a lazy employee or just a science experiment gone terribly wrong?


Of Course Conan Had To Ask Dr. Phil What He Thought About The Naked Celebrity Photo Leak

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Everyone needs to have an opinion on the great celebrity nude leak, so here's Dr. Phil spilling his and getting a special Team Coco treat.

public pooping

Meet ‘Mr. Poo’ — India’s Anti-Public Pooping Mascot — In This Outstanding Animated PSA

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UNICEF has released a new Poo2Loo public health and hygiene campaign to stop people from open defecation in India, which is exactly what you'd think it is.


What's Worse Than Finding A Lizard In Your Salad? Finding The Head Of A Lizard In Your Salad

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A theatrical agent in Manhattan got a disgusting surprise in a kale salad she had ordered when she almost bit into a severed lizard head. Next time maybe tell them to *hold* the lizard.


Hey Fast Food Employees, Please Stop Doing Disgusting Stuff To The Food You Serve Us

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A Wendy's employee eating Frosty ice cream out of the machine was featured on Reddit yesterday, leaving many to ask what's up with fast food employees.


The Paralympics Begin In A Week, Have Already Been Rocked By A Sex Scandal


The 2012 Paralympic Games are 6 days away and it’s safe to say that Oscar Pistorius served as just a sampling of the incredible inspiration that everyone can feel from the fearless athletes who compete in each of the 21 sports featured at this year’s games.


The Miami Heat Porn Stars Are Women Of Their Words, But They Have Rules

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Last week, we brought you the heartwarming Disney story of Sara Jay and Angelina Castro, the two adult film starlets who promised to suck off all of their Twitter followers if the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals.


Canada Finally Frees Man Arrested For Having Manga On His Computer

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You might not be familiar with the case of "Brandon X", so here's a quick review: he was stopped at the Canadian border, and the authorities went through his computer.


Well This Is Pretty Darn Disgusting News

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At least seven Andover, Massachusetts high school basketball players have been punished for what can only be described as one sticky hazing situation.


Wrigley Field Is Gross, Hosts Alien Virus

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Recent inspection reports from Chicago's Wrigley Field show that out of 35 concessions, health inspectors found 20 critical violations at nine booths.


Michael Irvin Did the Dirty in His Hall of Fame Jacket

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If you're ever in the vicinity of Michael Irvin's belongings you should maybe not touch his hall of fame jacket.

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