Barack And Michelle Obama’s First Date Is Becoming A Big Screen Romance

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'Southside With You' will cover the day in 1988 when Barry Obama took Michelle Robinson to see 'Do The Right Thing.'

#Star Wars

Why Disney Should Just Give Star Wars To Pixar

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Star Wars will be going to Pixar for at least one movie... but it should really be in charge of all of them.

The N word

12.22 The Cooler

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7.7 The Cooler

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Shannon Janai Brings The Twins To Tuesday Commemorative Mac Dre Dunce Cap [RR] Ron Artest’s Cousin was in Jail with Lebron’s Dad? [Hoop Doctors] A History of Absurd BAPE-Branded Products [Complex] NY Congressman's Video Calls Jackson A 'Pervert' [Yahoo] The 4 Most Inept Franchises in [...].

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