Report: 3-Team Deal Sends Andre Miller To Washington, Eric Maynor To Philly

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In the biggest deal of the day so far, Andre Miller is getting his trade wish.

Kris Humphries

10 Of The Worst Players In The NBA This Season


The athletes that play in the NBA are genetic freaks.


10 Tiers Of The Best NBA Players 25 Years Old Or Younger

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As much as I enjoy watching LeBron James at the peak of his NBA powers, as much as I enjoy watching the veteran Celtics come together since Rajon Rondo went down, as fun as it is to watch Carmelo Anthony drop 35-plus night after night en-route to his first scoring title, and Chris Paul continuing to be the best point guard of this generation, what makes the NBA so great night in and night out is everyone else.


2009 NBA Draft Do-Over

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"What ifs" in sports can run deeper than still waters.


Deron Williams’ 11 Threes Roast Washington; Damian Lillard Tortures San Antonio


Every night in the NBA is its own minimovie, played out in any number of acts.


The NBA’s All-Alex Smith Team, Led By Danny Granger


The case of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is peculiar, one where a former No.


NBA Trade Deadline: Oklahoma City Sends Eric Maynor To Portland


The Oklahoma City Thunder are content to have Reggie Jackson be their backup point guard going forward, if today's moves before the NBA trade deadline are an indication.


Tony Parker Has Ice In His Veins; Kobe Bryant Tells Laker Critics To “Shut Up”


The second hand hasn't slowed down yet for Father Time, Tim Duncan.


The Top 10 Point Guards From The 2009 NBA Draft Class

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If you thought this year's class of point guards was strong, think again.


The Top 10 Backup Point Guards In The NBA

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About halfway into the fourth quarter last night, Norris Cole had everyone in the building and all who were watching on national television wondering Who Dat? By the end of the night, Cole was the hero and he had national columnists asking the following morning if straight up, we were really going to love him forever.


The NBA’s Top 5 Up-And-Coming Backcourts

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In the last decade, the NBA has transformed from being a big man's league into a guard's league.


NBA’s Best New Ink: More Eric Maynor


Yesterday, we showed you the picture Eric Maynor tweeted with his new sleeve of ink. And while players often roll through fall training camps with fresh tattoos from the summer, Maynor is going above and beyond the call of duty.


NBA’s Best New Ink: Eric Maynor

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I guess one of the things casual basketball fans like about the Thunder is that they are pretty much ink-less.


LeBron And Wade Take Turns Beating On The Reeling Celtics

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We think we should remind everyone: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade play on the same team.


Best Five: The Final Four Teams’ All-Time Starting Lineups

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More than just a championship is on the line in this weekend's Final Four.

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