1980's Pop Culture

Nintendo vs. Sega! Transformers vs. GoBots! These Rivalries Defined The ’80s And ’90s.


The battle lines were drawn if you were an '80s or '90s kid when it came to the great Kool Aid/Wyler's debate.

Michael Jordan

This New Michael Jordan Gatorade Commercial Will Definitely Get You Hyped


Here's Michael Jordan applauding the benefits of a good sweat.


Jabari Parker Looks Back To Inspire His Recovery In An Inspiring New Gatorade Ad

Parker's return from a torn ACL is the premise for an inspirational new Gatorade ad: Gatorade Recover: Growing Jabari Parker.

Michael Jordan

Dominique Wilkins And Horace Grant Recount Michael Jordan Memories At Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” Event

Horace Grant and Dominque Wilkins offered stories from their time with Michael Jordan during Gatorade's "Be Like Mike" re-launch event.


Gatorade Marks 50th Anniversary By Airing Re-Mastered ‘Be Like Mike’ Campaign

Gatorade has reached the half-century mark as a company and to celebrate they're releasing a digitally remastered "Be Like Mike" campaign.


GIF: Cavs Employee Spotted Pouring Gatorade Into Powerade Bottle


Perhaps you remember the brand snafu after Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals when LeBron James experienced cramping in the fourth quarter before the Spurs came back for the win.

Peyton Manning video

Watch Peyton Manning Embarass Some Woman In This New Gatorade Commercial


Peyton Manning wants this girl to do yoga so she can get a Gatorade and Peyton Manning just likes girls in yoga pants or something.

super elisha

NFL Product Tie-in Reviews: Gatorade


One thing is for sure, I'm going to be really hydrated by the end of this article.


Elijah Wood Kept ‘Bear’ And The Gatorade Bong From The Set Of ‘Wilfred’


With the series set to end in two weeks, Elijah Wood admitted that he helped himself to two souvenirs from the set of 'Wilfred.'


People Still Believe That This Six-Year Old Gatorade Commercial Is Actually Real


It was about six years ago that a video of a ball girl at a Fresno Grizzlies baseball game making an impossible catch in the left field corner was “leaked” and started going viral at an insane rate.

#LeBron James

Gatorade Apologizes For Tweet, But LeBron Was Actually Drinking Gatorade

By now you've heard about the tweet Gatorade published last night in response to the cramps LeBron James suffered when he was knocked out of most of the last seven minutes in Game 1.


Kobe Addresses LeBron’s Cramping On Instagram


Everyone's shared their opinion on LeBron James and his cramps, well, everyone except for Kobe Bryant.

#LeBron James

Official Gatorade Twitter Mocks LeBron Leg Cramps

During last night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals, someone tweeted at the official Gatorade Twitter account, wondering why LeBron James was cramping when he was guzzling plenty of Gatorade on the sideline.


Paul George Gatorade “Fierce” Ad Premiere

A new Gatorade ad campaign for their latest flavor, "Fierce," includes a crazy commercial starring Paul George.


Two Minutes For Being Thirsty: Dick Move Or The Most Pathetic Call In Hockey History?


In one of the most wonderful/awful calls in the history of hockey, a WHL player got unsportsmanlike conduct for drinking an opposing goalie's water bottle.


Dwyane Wade’s Surprise Locker-Room Makeover Might Make You Cry

There is so much a professional athlete can do with their fame and money to help local communities in need.


Kevin Durant, Gatorade Reportedly Ready To Split Ways


Words by Bansky In a bit of good timing for people like me who look way too far into things like this, Darren Rovell of ESPN is reporting that Gatorade will not renew its deal with Kevin Durant when it expires next week.


Kevin Durant’s Contract With Gatorade Will Not Be Renewed


Gatorade spokesperson and all-around nice dude Kevin Durant will cease his partnership with the sports drink popularized by His Airness, Michael Jordan, reports ESPN Sports Business Insider Darren Rovell.

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