Dominique Wilkins And Horace Grant Recount Michael Jordan Memories At Gatorade’s “Be Like Mike” Event

Nostalgic connection to greatness transcends generational divides. Michael Jordan‘s legacy is a unique greatness that resonates deep in the hearts of those who saw him play and even those who are too young to have watched live. At NBA All-star weekend,  Gatorade gave fans of the game and His Airness a chance to relive some of Jordan’s most iconic moments.

Local area youth were brought into a studio where they were given the opportunity to “Shoot like Mike”, “Dunk like Mike” and “Strike iconic poses like Mike”. This unique event was part of Gatorade’s G50 campaign and also coincides with the relaunching of their “Be like Mike” ad, which debuted 23 years ago. The timing simply couldn’t be better.

“Shooting like Mike” had participants attempting to reenact his series-clinching jump shot over the Cleveland Cavaliers and Craig Ehlo in 1989. The exhibit even had anguished Ehlo stand-ins to add some realism for the moment referred to simply as “The Shot.”

“Dunk like Mike” gave fans the opportunity to soar through the air (with the help of a trampoline) and engage in some of Jordan’s most memorable throw-downs. Fans struck iconic poses like the one of Jordan jumping in the air and pumping his first after the aforementioned Ehlo shot (sorry Craig they really picked on you).

All of the action was captured on camera so that participants could be immortalized in their own “Be Like Mike” moment forever.

Gatorade didn’t stop there. Attendees were also quenched like Mike with the re-release of Jordan’s favorite flavor of all time: Citrus Cooler. The once extremely popular flavor has been hard to find in recent years but will be making a comeback complete with a special G50 Be Like Mike label to be released in March.