Gatorade Unveiled Its Cam Newton MVP Commercial Ahead Of The Super Bowl

Cam Newton won the NFL MVP award on Saturday night ahead of leading his Panthers into Super Bowl 50. Because of that, he also got an MVP theme song to celebrate with thanks to Jeezy and Under Armour.

Newton also has a new Beats by Dre commercial featuring Future out, and now his most recent ad commemorating his MVP season has been released courtesy of Gatorade. ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out the 18 second spot ahead of Sunday night’s game in which one of Newton’s memorable touchdown flips this season against the Texans is played in slow-motion with Newton’s blue and white jersey standing out amongst the rest of the black and white field. Simultaneously, a voiceover compares Cam to Superman himself, saying:

“Some say superheroes don’t exist. That men cannot fly. No caped crusader to save the day. Maybe they just never saw what we saw.”

Newton is appearing in another Gatorade commercial hyping up the Super Bowl alongside the game’s other starting quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Between those three ads and the inevitable Peyton Manning Nationwide spots that will air during the game, the two starting quarterbacks will be on camera plenty, even when they aren’t on the field on Sunday night.

(Via @DarrenRovell)