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A Man Had A Pencil Removed From His Head After Almost 15 Years

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A 24-year old man in Germany underwent a unique surgical procedure to have a pencil removed from his head after it had been lodged there for 15 years.

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The Germans Are Taking Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Away From Him

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Justin Bieber and Anne Frank will be forever linked together now: both are victims of German aggression!


Soccer Finally Deserves To Be Called Football

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If you're like most Americans, you do that thing where you go PFFT, WHAT, YOU MEAN SOCCER when somebody calls soccer "football.


Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun? Get That Prize Money Ready, Bill Gates.

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Bill Gates is offering $100,000 to projects which improve condoms. Affable German hobbyist Jörg Sprave answered with his condom applicator slingshot gun.


The Newest Oreo Separator Machine Is More Of An Oreo Exploder


The newest Oreo Separator Machine technically does separate Oreos, but we wouldn't recommend eating the results.


The Slingshot Channel Geeks Out About ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ With A “Beheader Bazooka” And More


Jörg Sprave, the smiling German rubber enthusiast (not as strange as it sounds) has built two new slingshots inspired by 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'.


Guy Builds A Functional Iron Man Gauntlet With Lasers. Take That, Back Of The Hand.

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Patrick Priebe of Laser-Gadgets built his own Iron Man gauntlet, complete with two lasers to help him aim his EVEN STRONGER LASERS.


Aliens-Vs-Robots Short Film 'R´ha' Just Initiated Our Motivation Protocol

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Kaleb Lechowski is a 22-year-old aspiring director in Germany who's already managed to get noticed by making the all-CGI short film 'R´ha'.


Great Moments In Humanity: A Letter Has Surfaced Detailing The 1914 Christmas Truce

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I’ve always thought that life would be so much easier and happier if countries settled their differences on the sports field rather than in war.


Quick, Guess Which Part Of This Kate Upton German Vogue Video The Internet Likes Most

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If you guessed "the part where she wears a peacoat and walks through a garden with a cane," what're you, new.


Watch Germans sing songs about Rocky in ‘Rocky: Das Musical’

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Just to pound home those last few nails into theater-as-an-artform's coffin, the new big thing on Broadway is to take a movie, add some songs, and turn it into one big, soulless, obnoxious dance number.


Meet Sharky, The Krumping German Hockey Mascot Shark

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If you've ever wanted to see a shark in a hockey jersey hit a B-boy stance, here you go.

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German Bro Takes On Ice, Ice Wins

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In the greatest war since World War II, one German takes on an ice-filled pond. Hilarity ensues.


Check Out This Awesome Warehouse-Sized Rube Goldberg Machine


Freerunner and parkour dude Jason Paul joined forces with Team Farang and Red Bull to build an enormous Rube Goldberg machine with stunt elements.


Massive WWII Bomb Detonates in Germany


Explosives experts in Germany detonated the remains of a 550-pound World War II bomb in central Munich on Tuesday.


Garbage Can Racing in Germany


Raw AP footage of contestants in the annual Garbage Can World Cup on the streets of Hermeskeil in western Germany on Sunday.

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Germany Hates Facebook's Face Recognition, Wants It Destroyed


What's the difference between Germany and Mark Zuckerberg? One has a history of soulless spying and forcing your friends to rat on you. The other is a country.

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Forget Coney Island, The U.S. Military Hosted Its Own Eating Contest


Like millions of Americans, there was a time when I thought that competitive eating was awesome.

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