Toni Kroos’ Sensational Stoppage Time Goal Gave Germany A Thrilling World Cup Win Over Sweden

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Toni Kroos looked like he might have ended up being Germany’s scapegoat on Saturday, as a sloppy pass in the midfield led to a first half goal for Sweden. Fast forward to second half stoppage time and a world class effort by the Real Madrid midfielder sealed a 2-1 victory and, more importantly, three points for the Germans over the Swedes at the 2018 World Cup.

It was an absolutely spectacular match, and Kroos’ goal in the waning moments was a fitting end to things. The Germans earned a free kick after Timo Werner was fouled, and Kroos stood over the ball on the left edge of the box. He had the freedom to lob the ball into the box with the hopes it connected with a German head, or he could try something a little more ambitious and unleash a firecracker with the hopes of beating Swedish keeper Robin Olsen.

Kroos elected that second option, tapping the ball to Marco Reus, who set it and gave Kroos the chance to go for goal. What happened next was a moment of brilliance, one that was much-needed for the defending world champions.

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