#2014 FIFA World Cup

Please Enjoy The Taiwanese Animators Horrifying Take On USA Vs. Ghana

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The USA might come off looking pretty fair weather to the Taiwanese Animators, but who cares? We won!

#2014 FIFA World Cup

And Now, A Compilation Of Americans Freaking Out Over The John Brooks Goal

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If you love videos of fans celebrating America's soccer victories, then this compilation from yesterday's win against Ghana is for you.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Delta Airlines Posted A Controversial Tweet Following The USA’s World Cup Victory Over Ghana

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Delta Airlines thought their tweet was innocent enough, but it has many claiming "racism."

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Here Come The Awesome Reaction Videos From USA’s World Cup Win Over Ghana

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The US pulled off a stressful but incredible 2-1 victory over Ghana at the World Cup, so let's celebrate by watching other people celebrate.


More Ghana movies! (And Links)

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Here's another movie trailer from Ghana to go along with those amazing ones from the other day.


Ghana’s Terminator/Predator movie looks legit

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Here we have the trailer for 2016, a movie from Ghana which seems to be set four years in the future, in a time when both Terminators and Predators roam the Earth.


Mega Gallery: Crazy movie posters from Africa

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After my award-winning post about Polish movie posters -- okay, so I didn't actually win any "awards," but I did get lots of pageviews (*pulls out stack of singles*) Here's my best blogger ever award number one (*stuffs down own G-string*), here's my best blogger ever award number two.



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The first $99 laptop to go on sale didn't come from One Laptop Per Child after all.



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Apparently in Ghana in the 80s, entrepreneurial-minded guys would drive around from village to village with a VCR, projector, and generator and create a sort of mobile cinema.

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