And Now, A Compilation Of Americans Freaking Out Over The John Brooks Goal

“Americans don’t like soccer,” they say. “They don’t appreciate the sophistication of it like the rest of the world,” fans in other countries tell each other. But then, after the American men pulled off an improbable 2-1 win over Ghana yesterday, with several injuries affecting the team’s best players, we were the ones who got the last laugh in this 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sure, those critics could still argue that there’s a lot of soccer left to be played, but the last time I checked, this was actually all about showing the rest of the world that we love soccer, too. The actual soccer part of the World Cup is mostly irrelevant (unless the US wins, of course).

But with another six days until the US men take on Portugal, we might as well keep enjoying this win over Ghana, because it’s our job as fans. And with that in mind, YouTube user Polymerizations ensured that he’ll have an instant viral hit on his hands by taking those reaction videos that we adore and turning them into one dramatic compilation of people freaking out over John Brooks’s game-winning goal against Ghana. Crank the Lee Greenwood up for this one, folks.

(H/T to SB Nation)