Library copies of 50 Shades of Grey tested positive for the herpes virus

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Belgian researchers found that copies of 50 Shades of Grey checked out from the Antwerp library tested positive for the herpes virus.


This Photo Of A Pre-Cooked McRib Patty May Make You Rethink Ordering A McRib Sandwich

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On the bright side, pre-cooked McRib patties do look a lot better than pre-cooked chicken McNuggets, so there's that!


Miesha Tate Wants Women To Celebrate Movember With ‘Muffvember’

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Getting in on the fun of Movember, UFC fighter Miesha Tate suggested on Twitter that women give 'Muffvember' a shot.


Meanwhile, In China: People Are Eating Cockroaches — AKA The New 'Miracle Drug' — For Medicinal Benefits

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The Chinese are breeding cockroaches on cockroach farms for medicinal purposes, because of course they are.


Who’s Up For A Clip Of A Rally Car Passenger Vomiting Up Blood All Over Himself?

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A rally car passenger started throwing up, then started throwing up blood, and the entire escapade was captured on video. Uh, gross?

Help Yourself to Hepatitis

You May Want To Think Twice Before You Eat At Golden Corral Anytime Soon

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Planning to dine at a Golden Corral restaurant anytime soon? Better think twice, unless you enjoy maggots in your food!


Paula Deen Has Been Offered A New Job In Porn

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With as many as a dozen companies cutting ties with her, Paula Deen has been offered six figures to appear in a porn video for the website, Pure Mature.

stewart rahr

Billionaire Stewart Rahr Celebrated His Divorce By Making An Orgy Sex Tape

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67-year old billionaire and philanthropist Stewart Rahr celebrated his divorce by recording his limousine orgy on Monday and sending it to his friends.

wing co

You Can Finally Buy A Fur Coat Made Entirely Of Male Chest Hair

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To promote its new male-centric chocolate milk, the food company Arla had a coat made from one million chest hairs and it can be purchased for $3,800.


Hey Fast Food Employees, Please Stop Doing Disgusting Stuff To The Food You Serve Us

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A Wendy's employee eating Frosty ice cream out of the machine was featured on Reddit yesterday, leaving many to ask what's up with fast food employees.


Parasite Escapes From Dead Mantis


When a guy kills a praying mantis, creepy madness ensues in the form of a horsehair worm.


Congressman Has A Huge Crush On Cyndi Lauper, Tweets At Her To Tell Her She’s ‘Hot’

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Rep. Steve Cohen apparently has a thing for Cyndi Lauper. And he's using Twitter to try to win her affection, apparently.


The World's Most Confident Nose Picker


A man shamelessly picks his nose directly behind the TNT broadcasters during a Knicks-Blazers game, then gives the camera a confident wink.


No One Wins When Russell Crowe And Britney Spears Flirt On Twitter

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I can't be the only one mildly disturbed by even the lightest Twitter flirtation between Britney Spears and Russell Crowe, right?


Kid Licks Entire Subway Railing


An enterprising young gentleman licks an entire NYC subway entrance railing for one dollar.


The Vampire Squid From Hell Turns Out To Be A Bit Of A Letdown

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"Vampire squid" is a name that science has wasted on the biological equivalent of that kid in first grade who ate paste. Seriously.


Mad Science Becoming Awesome Reality

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There's always been a problem with being a mad scientist; namely, keeping organs in jars going long enough to create the proper atmosphere when you bring a woman in a white silk dress back to your lab to meet your <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ryNJVreiY">half-monkey, half-pony monster</a> which will RULE THE WORLD.



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This isn't strictly film related, but it's too good not to pass on.

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