Texans Center Ben Jones Drank His Own Urine, Is Nasty

ben jones
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The Houston Texans are the subject of this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which means that fans everywhere are finding out more about them than they ever have. But one little tidbit fell through the cracks somehow, and is coming to light only thanks to a CBS Sports Radio interview with Texans center Ben Jones, who is apparently more than a little crazy.

Let’s not mince words here — Jones admitted to drinking his own urine on a bet. Sporting News transcribed a portion of the interview, and we’re including the lead line, as well, because it requires discussion:

[Jones has been] described by teammate James Charles as a “pretty nasty guy,” so it didn’t come as a surprise to learn Jones drank his own urine.

Wide receiver Cecil Shorts said Thursday morning he saw Jones drink a small cup of urine during organized team activities. Jones later admitted to CBS Sports Radio 650 in Houston that he did, and the urine was his own.

“It kind of caught me off guard,” Jones explained. “It was a drug test day and I walked out, and (cornerback Kareem Jackson) said that looks like apple juice. I said, ‘How much you pay me to drink this?

“He threw out a number and I just knocked it on back.”

Honestly, it makes me feel a little better that Jones did it for money. It’s a more relatable reason than “It’s sterile and I like the taste.” But still, gross. So, so gross. And yet, Sporting News writer Ron Clements said it “didn’t come as a surprise?” A man who is mentally healthy enough to hold down a job (such as it is) in the U.S. who drank his own urine will always come as a surprise.

Ben Jones may be a disgusting person, but I want to know how much he was paid, and I want to see what else he would do for that sum of money. This could definitely be an entire episode of Hard Knocks.

(Via Sporting News)