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Dr. Drew Had It Out With Nancy Grace Over Her Ridiculous ‘#Pot2Blame?’ Argument

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Nancy Grace is once again making a self righteous argument over marijuana legalization, and once again failing miserably.

Shecky Greene

Gilbert Gottfried Thinks HLN Is Better Than The Playboy Network With All Their ‘Hot Pieces Of Ass’

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Gilbert Gottfried isn't making many friends at HLN these days, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to pound their female talent.


This Makes Sense: Nancy Grace Is Selling Handcuff Jewelry For Abused Children


Nancy Grace is selling handcuff necklaces and bracelets in the Nancy Grace Store -- just in time for Mother's Day!


Ever Wondered How Nancy Grace Comes Up With Her ‘Infamous And Wacky’ Hashtags?

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HLN host and Twitter trailblazer Nancy Grace explained in a segment on her show how she makes fun hashtags out of horrible news stories.


Nancy Grace Just Lost Her WWE Privileges

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Nancy Grace's tactful, compassionate coverage of the Ultimate Warrior's death has resulted in a "go on the show and you're fired" statement.


HLN (Formerly Headline News) Releases Literally The Worst Programming Slate In The History Of Television

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Headline News, relaunched as HLN, is now targeted at millennials, although HLN clearly does not think much of their intelligence.


Charles Barkley Seems Pretty Happy To Lose At Beer Pong


The Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley, stopped by the HLN Network recently and was asked about the ping pong balls he had brought with him.


Here Is Morgan Freeman Discussing ‘Twerking’ On HLN

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Try to spot the moment Morgan Freeman stopped caring while discussing twerking on HLN.


MSNBC’s Phil Griffin Responds To Network Dropping To Fourth In Ratings

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MSNBC dropped to fourth in the cable news ratings, and exec Phil Griffin said it's nothing to worry about because there has just been more breaking news.

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