The Real John Hendren Was Amused By The Comedian Who Talked Edward Scissorhands On Cable News

As we reported earlier, HLN got the wool of comedy thrown over their eyes when online jester Jon Hendren, also known as @fart on Twitter, managed to land a spot on The Daily Share to discuss Edward Snowden on Twitter and ended up defending Edward Scissorhands against America. It was beautiful, but far from Hendren’s first foray into top-notch trolling, as we can see here with his Smash Mouth egg stunt and his participation in the movement to get Pitbull in Alaska.

The missing portion of the situation is the status of the “real” John Hendren, an Al Jazeera English correspondent with ties to the Los Angeles Times, ABC and NPR, according to his Twitter profile. He’s likely the kind who might have more of an insight on Edward Snowden’s status in Russia and his continuing ties with the U.S. government, but the best part is that he rolled with it and have his own thoughts on Edward Scissorhands when asked on Twitter:

And he took a moment to call out to NYMag who seemed to think that HLN mistook Jon Hendren for John Hendren, something he continued to go back to each time someone brought it up online:

Finally there was some praise tossed to Jon @fart Hendren from the Al Jazeera journalist:

No harm, no foul, right? Unless you work behind-the-scenes at HLN and you booked the interview. You’re probably not feeling too good about your prospects now. But at least we’re more clear on where Edward Scissorhands stands with the American government.

(Via John Hendren)