The Nancy Grace Era Is Coming To An End At HLN, And No One Is Happier Than This Former Employee

It may be impossible to believe, but HLN will attempt to exist without Nancy Grace. For 12 years, the former prosecutor and current all-star shouter has been a fixture at the cable outlet. She has her champions, her detractors and probably a Dancing With the Stars windbreaker to boot. Guess what else Nancy Grace has managed to accomplish during her 12 year run at HLN? She inspired a former employee to go buckwild on Twitter and spill the tea on what it was like to work for the TV personality.

Former employee Mary Cella wasn’t bummed out about Grace’s decision not return after her contract expires. Quite the opposite, really. She was thrilled.

It sounds like Cella’s time at HLN was far from ideal and the finger is definitely pointed at Grace. Cella’s issues weren’t simply a personality conflict either. Here come the flying shoes!

Can we see things get escalated a bit?

Geez Louise! *hat flips off head and spins for 10 seconds*

This is probably the knockout blow in the “Nancy Grace might not be the nicest” collection of tweets.

So, um, we’re guessing Mary Cella won’t be using Nancy Grace as a work reference any time soon. Can we see that dance gif again?


(Via The Hollywood Reporter)