Open Thread: 2012 Christmas Day NBA Games

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Merry Christmas to all and to all an awesome NBA holiday offering.


The Next Person Who Makes Athletes Sing Jingle Bells Gets My Foot Up Their Ass

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The only upside to a Mayan apocalypse going down at some point today would be the end of whoever keeps making athletes sing sports-related Christmas carols because they're sports guys and it's Christmas.


Kevin Garnett, Kevin McHale Share An Emotional Moment

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Kevin Garnett is an asshole and I love him for it.


The Houston Rockets Sing ‘I Have a Little Dreidel,’ I Have A Little Aneurysm


Back in November, I <a href="" target="_blank">tasked the With Leather readers with choosing an NBA team for me to support</a>, and the unanimous decision was the Houston Rockets.


James Harden Gave Gordon Hayward The Business On Breakway Dunk

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In last night's Rockets-Jazz, two men - James Harden and Gordon Hayward - went up, but only one could come down the victor.


The With Leather Readers Have Spoken: I Am Now A Houston Rockets Fan

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Earlier this month, I enlisted the help of you, the With Leather readers (still unofficially known as "Leatherheads"), <a href="" target="_blank">to help me choose a new NBA team to follow/love/write about</a>.


LeBron James’ 32-Point Second Half Circus Act Leads Heat Over Houston

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Despite Paul Millsap and DeMar DeRozen turning in a triple overtime thriller and Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant saving Oklahoma City from what would have been an embarrassing loss versus Detroit, Monday night's finest performance came from the best player on the planet.


James Harden Is Having No Problem Adapting To A Max Contract Lifestyle

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Even before the Oklahoma City Thunder shocked its fans by trading James Harden to the Houston Rockets, the sensational young 6th man had proven that he was ready to step up his off-the-court game as one of the NBA’s premiere ballers.


With Leather Decision Time: Help Me Pick An NBA Team

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It's NBA season, and I desperately need to stop dicking around and pick a team to follow.


10 Under-The-Radar NBA Rookies

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It's always fun to wax poetic about what an NBA rookie could be.


And Now, The Spookiest NBA Game Ever

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In a SPOOKTACULAR moment reminiscent of the time <a href="" target="_blank">McKinley High School made their football team put on zombie make-up and do 'Thriller' mash-ups at halftime</a>, the Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets opened their season with a fog machine malfunction with a minute left in the half and couldn't restart play until someone got it under control.


Thunder Fans Are Over James Harden Already

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Okay, Oklahoma City Thunder fans, step back from the lighter fluid.


OKC Thunder Trade James Harden To Houston

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Before the NFL games kick off on Sunday morning, sports fans will get a chance to play NBA armchair GM once they wake to the news that the Oklahoma City Thunder <a href="">traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets</a> on Saturday night.


BREAKING: Nobody Knows What’s Really Going On Between The Magic And Dwight Howard

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If you’re like me, you’re absolutely tired of the drama and the all around piss poor PR mess created by both the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard over the past 9 or 10 months.


Carmelo Anthony Is ‘Happy’ For Jeremy Lin


I’m not sure what my favorite part of the Jeremy Lin free agency drama has been.


Got A Problem With James Dolan? Screw With His Band’s Wikipedia Page

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As I updated in yesterday’s post about <a href="">Carmelo Anthony hoping the New York Knicks would keep Jeremy Lin</a> – presumably while making a dismissive wanking motion – the Knicks did not match the offer sheet that Lin signed with the Houston Rockets and he is, in fact, heading back to the same team that booted him last year.


Come On, Dude, It’s Not A Gotye Parody Unless You Paint All Over Yourself

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Maybe you should try singing an answering machine message to the 'Greatest American Hero' theme instead.


Chopped & Screwed Linsanity: Jeremy Lin’s Heading To Houston

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In what became the second biggest debate around the basketball world over the past week and change - the first being the Dream Team vs.


Carmelo Anthony Suddenly Loves Jeremy Lin

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While ESPN’s <a href="">NBA experts and their “SOURCES! WE HAVE SOURCES!”</a> are suggesting that the New York Knicks will simply let Jeremy Lin walk to the Houston Rockets, there is still chatter that their decision has not been made.

taiwanese animation

Taiwan Animation: The Only Voice In The Jeremy Lin Discussion


This is a great one, if only for Carmelo Anthony operating, then bogarting the spotlight.

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