Taiwan Animation: The Only Voice In The Jeremy Lin Discussion


This is a great one, if only for Carmelo Anthony operating, then bogarting the spotlight.


Making Sense Of This Jeremy Lin Ordeal: Exotic Dancer Edition

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Here’s an abridged version of the NBA offseason to date: The lockout changed nothing, owners didn’t learn, nor did they want to learn, because they’re still giving out awful contracts, and they just wanted to make sure they’d get more back from the league so they’d stop losing money.

Houston Rockets

It Looks Like The Knicks Have A Big Point Guard Problem On Their Hands

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Raise your hand if you have any clue what the hell is going on with the New York Knicks.


NBA Free Agency: Ray Allen Relocates To South Beach, Courting Jeremy Lin & A Proposed Christmas Day Schedule

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Andris Biedrins was allegedly caught by a Latvian website <a href="" target="_blank">receiving some sloppy toppy</a>.


NBA DRAFT RUMORS: What The Hell Are The Houston Rockets Up To?

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I’m still planning to wait until tomorrow to unleash my incredible, unparalleled NBA Draft Preview on your asses, but I’m pretty happy that the Houston Rockets have finally stirred the pot and created some excitement for us fans of franchises that blow.

Houston Rockets

Why Does David Robinson Hate May 30th? Ask Hakeem Olajuwon

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The night an NBA player receives their MVP trophy should be one to never forget.


Sorry, But This Yao Ming Photo Isn't Real


While there’s nothing better than someone becoming aware of their own meme and embracing it, I’m sad to say that I am the bearer of bad news today.


Barney’s Movie Had Heart, But Basketball In The Groin Had A Basketball In The Groin

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By way of <a href="" target="_blank">That NBA Lottery Pick</a> comes this video of Luis Scola hitting Kevin Love in the groin with a basketball, and I think my favorite part is when Kevin Love gets hit in the groin with a basketball.

baby pandas

Behold! Yao Ming, Man Of The People

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If you thought that something as silly as constant foot and ankle injuries leading to early retirement were going to stop former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming from dominating the world, you were dead wrong.


Hey, What’s That On Your Face

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Sometimes it's reassuring to watch a 6-foot-11, first-round draft pick power forward with ten years of experience get hit in the face with a basketball because he isn't paying attention.


And David Stern Was All Like, LOL JK!

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Last night, it was like Twitter had a stroke.


Von Wafer Just Wants To Be Honest, Y’all

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Von Wafer has played for 6 NBA teams since he was drafted in the second round of the 2005 NBA Draft, so it came as little surprise that he chose to play in Italy for a year instead of waiting out the lockout.


Today: The Only Time We Get To Care About The Houston Astros All Year

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The sale of the Houston Astros to Houston businessman Jim Crane from technological monster Drayon McLane is official, and after the 2012 baseball season wraps up the 50-year strong National League squad will pack their their things, wait a moment, then unpack them in the same spot as an American League West stalwart.


Links: Expectations Versus Reality

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Like that scene with the awesome Regina Spektor song in 500 Days of Summer.

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Yao Ming: Expectations Vs. Reality

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Well, Yao Ming's career is <a href="">officially over</a>.


Yao Ming Hatched From Basketball Egg, Flew to U.S. on Rocket Scooter

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Taiwain's storied Next Media Animation has commemorated the retirement of Yao Ming by putting together a short film about his life and career, as interpreted by a person on so many drugs their brain is about to explode.

Houston Rockets

Who Wants A Really Tall, One-Legged NBA Center? Anyone?

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Remember that really tall Chinese guy who came to the NBA, because he was so good at basketball in China, and featured in <a href="">crazy soda commercials of him having an army of pandas?</a> That poor soul is dead and gone, yet Yao Ming's body keeps chugging along, playing a couple emotionless games until the inevitable bone explosion.


So Brad Miller Met Blake Griffin In The Paint…

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<a href=""> Last night, the Clippers and Rockets squared off in a game with no Finals, top record in the West or, at the moment, playoff implications. But <a href="">Blake Griffin</a> was on the court, and what more really needs to be said from there.

Al Jefferson

TSS 2009 NBA Preview: Western Conference

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The NBA is ready to launch another Donaghy-free season and we couldn’t be happier.

Houston Rockets


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So that silly little foot injury that knocked Rockets big man Yao Ming out of the NBA Playoffs may also keep him on the shelf for all of 2009-2010.

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