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The iPod Shuffle: Jermaine Dupri & Jay-Z’s “Money Ain’t A Thang”

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<em>"In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes..."</em>


NBC Affiliate Has No Clue Which Rapper Just Died So They're Basically Guessing

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NBC puts up a picture of Jermaine Dupri as dead member of Kriss Kross, Chris Kelly.

Rick Ross

Mariah Carey Makes “Triumphant” Return With New Track

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Mariah Carey's never been one afraid to mix it up with rap artists.

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Side Effects: Mariah Carey’s Top 20 Hip-Hop Collabos

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For over two decades, <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/mariah-carey">Mariah Carey</a> has been knocking out hits and keeping her name relevant.


Video: The League Of Young Voters Close Out 2011


Sensationalism and gossip are unbeatable parasites of headlines and attention grabbing.


Kobe Bryant, Bow Wow And Their $1,000 Game Of One-On-One

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"Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you/I don't know why your advisers ain't forewarn you.


The Real Husbands Of Hollywood Starring Kevin Hart, Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, Bobby Brown & Nick Cannon

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The BET Awards was what it was, which is about the same that can be said of any show of its ilk.


Da Brat x DJ Greg Street – Life After Death Mixtape

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It's honorable that Da Brat, unlike Shyne and Mystikal, hopped right back into the studio after a lengthy bid in the slammer.

Young Chris

Young Chris Feat. Eve, Black Thought, Money Malc, Fat Joe, Fred The Godson, Diggy Simmons, Jermaine Dupri & Game – “Philly Megamix”

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/12/new-music-young-chris-trouble-on-my-mind"> Young Chris' <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/09/download-young-chris-philly-shit">"Philly Sh*t"</a> gets an extra large remix with the help of some Philly aggins and non-locals who get on the 215 tip to assist the homie.

Sean Kingston

Now Everybody Dougie!

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<a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/07/big-baby-davis-can-do-the-dougie"> See, you can't totally fault <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2010/07/big-baby-davis-can-do-the-dougie">Big Baby Davis</a>.

Yo Gotti

Sunday Grab Bag

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<a href="http://www.dajaz1.com/">Splash</a> got a hold on a batch of tracks which will be making appearances on a few upcoming Tapemasters Inc.


Jola – “She Say” Video

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Dear <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/jermaine-dupri">Jermaine Dupri</a>, Please don't taint <a href="http://twitter.com/jolaTheTrunkBoi">Jola's</a> music or personality.


JD Steals Ideas

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Creativity be damned.


“Infidelity Pays Off…”

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Never in history has infidelity been as positive to one's career like it has with <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/tag/usher">Usher Raymond</a>.


11.5 The Cooler

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CoCo Redd, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang My Five Favorite Things About Sesame Street <a href="http://www.whatwouldthembido.com/2009/11/my-five-favorite-things-about-sesame-street.html">[WWTD]</a> 8 Racist Ads You Won't Believe Are From the Last Few Years <a href="http://www.cracked.com/article/182_8-racist-ads-you-wont-believe-are-from-last-few-years/">[Cracked]</a> WTF.

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