Country Singer Kinky Friedman Claims Jerry Jones And Chris Christie Are Homosexuals While Live On ESPN

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Kinky Friedman stopped by ESPN to talk about Jerry Jones, Chris Christie, and their important homosexual relationship.


ESPN Guest Describes Jerry Jones And Chris Christie’s Relationship As ‘Latent Homosexual’ In One Weird Interview

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Kinky Friedman calls Jerry Jones and Gov. Chris Christie a gay couple on ESPN's Outside The Lines.

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Chris Christie Reportedly Helped His Buddy Jerry Jones Land A Port Authority Contract In 2013


If it means more awkward hugs between Jones and Christie, then we're all for it.


Chris Christie’s Brother Has A Message For People Making Fun Of The Governor’s Cowboys Love

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After people on Twitter made fun of Chris Christie's questionable Dallas Cowboys fanfare, his brother ripped them all a new one.


Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Sued For Sexual Assault

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Not exactly the greatest opening week in NFL history.


Jerry Jones Had To Be Physically Stopped From Drafting Johnny Manziel

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Jerry Jones almost drafted Johnny Manziel and oh my god, we were so close to this happening.


Jerry Jones And His Pulsating Crotch Star In The Greatest Taiwanese Animation Ever Made

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Prepare yourself for Jerry Jones, his crotch and the greatest GIF ever made.


Jerry Jones Says He Was Misrepresented When He Grabbed That Stripper’s Chest

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Misrepresented is the new "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Jerry Jones scandal

This Might Be Jerry Jones Having Fun With Two Young Ladies

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This certainly looks Jerry Jones in the company of some much younger women. Hey-O Jerry!


The Bromances Were In Full Bloom At The NCAA Championship Game In Dallas

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From Drake and Johnny Football to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, last night's NCAA Championship game was packed with BFFs.


Just A Picture Of Hulk Hogan Pointing To Jerry Jones’ Crotch While LeBron James Watches

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Hulk Hogan, Jerry Jones and LeBron James took a photo together. Hulk's pointing at Jerry's crotch. This is what the Internet was made for, everybody.


Today's Nightmare Fuel: Rapping Jerry Jones

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"Rapping Jerry Jones" in all caps was almost this entire post.


Jerry Jones "Raps" About Papa John's Pizza


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones "raps" about pizza in this new spot for the Papa John's Cowboys 5-Star Cowboy.


It's Monday Night


ESPN's first Monday Night Football promo for the 2012 season.


What If Ryan Kalil’s Super Bowl Guarantee Inspired More Players To Do The Same?

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Last week, Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil (pictured above at Comic Con 2011 because it’s important) took out a full page ad in the Charlotte Observer, promising fans of his team that the Panthers were going to win Super Bowl XLVII.


Sources: NFL Still A Total Butt

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As has been extensively documented, the 2010 NFL season was played without a salary cap because the owners chose to opt out of the collective bargaining agreement that was in place at the time.


Taiwan Doesn’t Mince Words: The Cowboys Won’t Win Until Jerry Jones Dies

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We're big fans of Taiwanese Animation here at With Leather, but far too often the things that make Next Media Animation's efforts truly great -- absurd imagery and hilarious bluntness -- are eschewed for political cartoon style moments where someone [...].


12.27 The Cooler

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Natalia Velez Janet Jackson Named 'Grinch of the Year' By PETA [NME] Why T-Pain Stopped Singing Hooks [The Urban Daily] How to Return Presents Painlessly [Bargainist] Kobe Bryant Might Need A Bigger Diamond [With Leather] How The Grinch Stole Facebook [Funny Or Die] The First Person [...].


The Best Football Played In Dallas Since 1995

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Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, has two notable features -- a facade that looks like it could start independently spinning and become the Event Horizon at any moment, and an enormous, punt-blocking, mid-field scoreboard that takes up most of the stadium's free space and threatens to fall and crush us all.

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