NFL Owners Have Reportedly Sent Jerry Jones A Cease-And-Desist Warning

11.14.17 4 months ago

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Coming into the season, Roger Goodell’s impending contract extension talks were likely well down the list of issues NFL owners would have expected to become extremely difficult. However, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doing his best to single-handedly wreck Goodell’s extension as part of Jones’ ongoing feud with the commissioner, things have gotten ugly in the prolonged discussions.

Jones is mad at Goodell for two main reasons. One being Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension for alleged domestic violence, and the other being the league’s handling of the national anthem protests. He has inserted himself into discussions on Goodell’s extension, threatened to sue the league and owners on the compensation committee, and there are some that believe he pushed Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter to come after the NFL.

In any case, Jones has done more than just ruffle feathers around the NFL, he’s outright upset many owners (and, undoubtedly, the commish). The question has been, what can they do to retaliate? There was a report over the weekend that some owners were looking into their most extreme option, which is to follow through with a rule that allows them to vote to force an owner to sell his franchise.

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