NFL Owners May Consider Invoking A Rule To Force Jerry Jones To Sell The Cowboys

11.13.17 1 year ago 16 Comments

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The ongoing drama between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has spilled over into extension talks for the latter. While Jones remains upset about the handling of Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension for an alleged domestic assault, he has stalled a contract extension for Goodell.

Most recently, Jones hired David Boies, famously (or, infamously) the lawyer for Harvey Weinstein, as he looks to add continued pressure to the compensation committee, threatening to sue the league and the six owners on the committee should they follow through with extension discussions. The most recent report from Sunday morning was that the committee would hold a conference call on Monday to discuss the extension and Goodell’s counterproposal (which is reportedly absurd), without Jones, who wasn’t on the committee but forced his way into calls.

Should Jones look to proceed with his lawsuit as threatened, it would create a very tense and hostile dynamic between he and the other owners, which begs the question of what power can they have as a group to halt him from following through.

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