Hannibal Buress Gave John Mulaney The Perfect Advice For Performing In Philly

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John Mulaney is performing in Philly tonight. He asked fellow comedian Hannibal Buress if he had any pointers.


John Mulaney Continues To Have A Good Sense Of Humor About His Sitcom’s ‘Small But Disloyal Following’

By | 28 Comments

John Mulaney's sitcom is struggling. But that's just giving him more material to be funny.

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John Mulaney Explains Why He Didn’t Replace Seth Meyers On ‘Weekend Update’

By | 14 Comments

Mulaney also discussed his favorite guests on 'SNL,' and the fate of his sitcom, 'Mulaney.'


John Mulaney Went On Twitter To Defend ‘Mulaney’

By | 38 Comments

John Mulaney went on twitter today to deliver a simple and honest plea to everyone who has written off 'Mulaney'.

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Jon Hamm Displays His Incredible Knowledge Of Internet Cats On @midnight

By | 11 Comments

Proving that he truly is a man of the Internet, Jon Hamm professed his love for Bodega Cats on @midnight.


Is Fox’s Newest Comedy ‘Mulaney’ Already Doomed?

By | 45 Comments

John Mulaney's new TV comedy is already showing signs of trouble with disappointing ratings and a shortened first season order from Fox.


UPROXX Interview: John Mulaney On ‘Mulaney,’ Louis C.K.’s Advice, And ‘SNL’

By | 23 Comments

Talking to the very funny John Mulaney about his new Fox sitcom, "Mulaney," as well as his on "SNL."


John Mulaney Tells Jimmy Fallon About Ice-T And The Best Heckler Ever

By | 9 Comments

Let John Mulaney teach you how the town of Murfreesboro got its name, which heckles hurt the most, and what it's like to work with Ice-T.

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Here’s John Mulaney On The Time Justin Bieber’s Posse Pointed And Laughed At Him Backstage At ‘SNL’

By | 13 Comments

John Mulaney also has a story about Justin Bieber being the worst at Saturday Night Live.


All The Times You May Have Seen John Mulaney And Not Realized It

By | 19 Comments

John Mulaney has shown up a lot of places over the years. You may have just not realized it was him.


Bob Odenkirk Wrote ‘Down By The River’? 5 Writers People Don’t Realize Were Behind Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches.

By | 19 Comments

You might be surprised what familiar names brought you some of the most iconic SNL sketches of all time.


The 12 Highest Rated Stand-Up Comedy Specials On Netflix Streaming

By | 76 Comments

Netflix has an array of comedy specials from the best stand-ups past and present ready to stream.


Check Out The Trailer For Fox’s ‘Mulaney’ And Try Not To Think Of ‘Seinfeld’

By | 63 Comments

The new trailer for Fox's 'Mulaney' has some very familiar and wonderful faces, and probably also a familiar style of comedy.


In Which Ice-T Attempts To Explain ‘Dungeons And Dragons’

By | 9 Comments

In the newest episode of Ice-T's podcast, he reveals he took a voice acting job for a 'Dungeons And Dragons' audiobook, then tries to explain what it is.


Fox Picked Up The Series From John Mulaney That NBC Passed On

By | 24 Comments

Fox has picked up the sitcom from former "Saturday Night Live" writer John Mulaney that NBC passed on this spring. This is terrific news.

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