Kevin Costner Responded To John Mulaney’s Oscars-Highlight Bit About ‘Field Of Dreams’

The highlight of the 2024 Oscars (other than Messi, of course) wasn’t Robert Downey Jr. winning Best Actor, or “I’m Just Ken,” or Oppenheimer‘s dominance. It was John Mulaney’s bit about ghosts playing baseball.

While presenting the award for Best Sound, the comedian said, “For years, movies didn’t have sound, and then they figured it out. Some people say that the silent era was the golden era of film. These people are difficult and insane.” Mulaney then went on a lengthy spiel about every dad’s favorite film, Field of Dreams, involving corn, hot dogs being stuck in throats, and the scene where “Timothy Busfield pushes little Gabby Hoffman off the bleachers and she falls down and she’s unconscious.”

It’s very good. Even Kevin Costner, who starred in Field of Dreams, thinks so.

“Not a bad summary,” Costner’s band, Kevin Costner & Modern West, wrote on X, along with the cry-laughing emoji. It’s nice to see that Costner still has a sense of humor when he’s not feuding with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan or starring in expensive and long Westerns. Maybe the two-time Oscar winner (Best Picture and Best Director for Dances with Wolves) has enough juice to get Mulaney to host next year’s ceremony? It’s overdue.

(Via Deadline)