Damn! Martin Luther King Just Got Punched In The Face In The Trailer For ‘Selma’

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I actually gasped when MLK got punched in this trailer. Sh*t was f*cked up.


John Carter Cash, Son Of Johnny Cash, Arrested For Drunkenly Stripping Down To His Underwear In Airport

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John Carter Cash, son of music legend Johnny Cash, was arrested in a Canadian airport for drunkenly stripping down to his briefs.

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Johnny Cash Warmed Tarantino To ‘Natural Born Killers’ And Other Things You Might Not Know About The Film

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Quentin Tarantino and Coca-Cola might not have been a fan of 'NBK' but the Man in Black loved it.


Behold, The 6 Weirdest Host/Musical Guest Combinations In ‘SNL’ History

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Some 'SNL host/musical guest combos make perfect sense. Then, there's these...


Peyton Manning Covered ‘Folsom Prison Blues,’ Reportedly Shot Man Just To Watch Him Die

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If you've ever wanted to hear Peyton Manning cover Johnny Cash, now's your chance. 'Folsom Prison Blues' by a man who has lived them (?).

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10 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Johnny Cash On The Man In Black’s Birthday

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Celebrate the birthday of Johnny Cash with 10 facts about the Man in Black, three of them involving strange incidents with birds.


Shirley Temple Was Once Offered A Role On ‘The Simpsons’ But Told Them To F*ck Off

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Recently deceased screen legend Shirley Temple was offered a guest starring role on 'The Simpsons.' She overwhelmingly declined.

Music History

Johnny Cash’s ‘The Gambler’? 15 Hit Songs Originally Written For Other Artists

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"The Gambler" was originally meant for Johnny Cash, not Kenny Rogers, and other famous songs written for other artists.


‘High TED Talks’ Gives A Much-Needed Platform To Your Stoned College Roommate

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College Humor have outdone themselves with High TED Talks, a parody of TED videos. To be fair, that giant LEGO idea sounds awesome.


A Quick Note About The Time Johnny Cash Played The Murderer On An Episode Of 'Columbo'

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Johnny Cash played the murderer on an episode of Columbo titled "Swan Song." People do not talk about this enough.

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Forget The Controversy, Let’s Get Excited About The Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Leak

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The Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack has leaked, possibly in full, and it is incredible. Kendrick Lamar! Eddie Murphy!


A Boy Named Kim Sings ‘A Boy Named Sue’


'A Boy Named Sue' is a Shel Silverstein poem turned Johnny Cash classic about a deadbeat dad who abandons his family, but leaves his son with a lady's name to make sure he'll be tough.


Happy Birthday To A Bygone Badass: 10 Times Johnny Cash Gave A Middle Finger To The World

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A collection of badass facts about would-be birthday boy The Man in Black, a.k.a. Johnny Cash.


‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Answers ‘I Have The Wine By Johnny Cash’

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A contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" last night answered "I Have The Wine By Johnny Cash" instead of "I Walk The Line By Johnny Cash."


Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Time: 15 Great Songs Released Posthumously


In honor of the one-year anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death, 15 great songs from 15 great artists that were released posthumously.


Cyber Monday Morning Links

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It's Cyber Monday, everybody, and you know what that means.


Smell Their Feet: The Greatest Child Halloween Costumes That Will Ever Show Up At Your Door

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When I was a kid, my family didn’t have very much money so we had to rely on things that we had around the house in making fun Halloween costumes for me.

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