The Memphis Grizzlies: Contender Or Pretender?


The NBA is notorious for having a small number of teams with realistic championship expectations.


Ed Davis Could Be The New Secret Weapon For The Memphis Grizzlies

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In the drama-filled aftermath of the Rudy Gay trade, something to keep an eye on is the development and usage of Ed Davis in Memphis.

Rudy Gay

Memphis Coach On Rudy Gay Trade: “When You Have Champagne Taste, You Can’t Be On A Beer Budget.”


After watching OKC steamroll Memphis last night, it'd be easy to say the Grizzlies screwed up by trading their best perimeter shotmaker, and the guy they normally go to in tight games.


Oklahoma City Cuts Memphis In Half; Golden State’s Defense Beats Dallas

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We can just imagine Memphis head coach Lionel Hollins shaking his head.


Derrick Rose Is Unstoppable; Blake Griffin Is Unbelievable

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Derrick Rose said he was gonna go crazy against Washington last night, and dude did go a little nuts.


Georgetown’s Ewing, Mutombo & Mourning Head To Africa

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For the first time since 1994, Georgetown's Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning will be together again - that is, in Africa.


The Grizzlies can be this year’s OKC Thunder

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Somewhere hidden within last night's 19-point rout (which wasn't even that close) was a Memphis Grizzlies team that could actually challenge the L.


Mike Conley leads the Memphis resurgence

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Mike Conley hit the genetics lottery.


The Memphis Grizzlies Are Coming Out Of Hibernation

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Back in the offseason, I wrote the post: Memphis or OKC: Who's Better? As of now, you'd have to give the nod to the Thunder, who are 19-16 (who are also tied for the fifth most road wins in the NBA) and are in the eighth spot in the Western Conference.


Iverson Will Answer His Critics And Will Start At Some Point

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All eyes will be on Allen Iverson tonight as he makes his season debut for the Grizzlies.


Memphis Grizzlies ’09-10 NBA season preview

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Last year we debuted the "Highs and Lows" system -- previewing the upcoming NBA season by predicting the respective ceilings and basements for each team.

Rudy Gay

Unfinished Business: What Memphis means for Allen Iverson

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Eighteen years too late, I watched Pistol: The Birth of a Legend for the first time this summer.

Vinny Del Negro

Who Would Win If The NBA’s Coaches Played A 3-on-3 Tournament?

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When I heard this weekend that new Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis was mostly likely going to add Bill Laimbeer and Reggie Theus to his staff, this got me thinking: If there was a 3-on-3 tournament amongst the NBA's current coaching staff, who would win.

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