Shia LaBeouf Is So Sorry About Everything That He’s Turned Himself Into An Art Exhibit

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Taking his stupid antics another step further, Shia LaBeouf has launched an '#IAMSORRY' exhibit in Los Angeles so people can watch him wear his paper bag.


The Los Angeles Condom Law Porn Exodus Is Great News For Las Vegas

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As the Adult Entertainment Expo continues in Las Vegas, porn producers are raving about the city as a great alternative to L.A.'s condom laws.

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Los Angeles Is Trying To Outdo Google By Bringing Free Internet To The Masses

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Los Angeles is rolling out proposals to expand free high speed fiber internet connections to all 3.5 million residents and business within city limits.

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Lost Angeles


For many citizens of Los Angeles, it seems like life never really changes.


Hugh Laurie Invokes ‘The Big Lebowski’ In Declaring His Love For Los Angeles

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Like Randy Newman, Hugh Laurie loves LA, and its Jeff Lebowski-like characters are part of the reason why.


Chelsea Peretti Has Done Los Angeles (And The World) A Great Service With Her Delightful Tourism Ads

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Los Angeles has never looked more delightful than when Chelsea Peretti is vouching for it.


Lie Witness News: Lakers in the NBA Finals


Jimmy Kimmel asks "Laker fans" in Los Angeles how they think the Lakers will perform in the NBA Finals.


Hanksy’s Pop Culture Mashup Art And Giant Inflatable Tom Hanks Rat Take Over Gallery 1988

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Funny pop culture mashup street artist Hanksy opened his 'How The West Was Pun' show at Gallery 1988 this weekend, and we've picked our favorite works.


The Tallest Ridable Bicycle in the World


What's it like to ride the tallest bike in the world.


The Men of LA


A video response to the super viral takedown of the materialistic women of Los Angeles: <a href="http://clipnation.com/women-la/">The Women of LA</a>.


The Women of LA


This musical takedown of the materialistic women of Los Angeles features some fantastic cameos, including Dennis Haskins (Mr.


Will Ferrell Endorses Eric Garcetti For Mayor of Los Angeles


<a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/will-ferrell/">Will Ferrell</a> makes a political endorsement in his own hilarious way.


Cage Against The Machine: Hanksy Visits LA To Post New Pop Culture Street Art


Street artist Hanksy has made the trip from New York City to Los Angeles, posting new pop culture mashups to promote an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.

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Guy Filming An LAPD Car Chase On His TV Gets More Action Than He Bargained For

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An awesome amateur video was shot during one of what we assume had to be one of many police car chases through Inglewood, California, this Sunday.


Nightmare Fuel: Woman Who Had Cosmetic Stem Cell Treatment Grew Bones In Her Eye

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Somehow, it's not an urban legend that a woman who underwent an unregulated cosmetic surgery involving stem cells grew bone fragments in her eye.

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With Captain Murphy’s “Duality,” Los Angeles Won 2012

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Last week, Brainfeeder’s resident enigma, Captain Murphy, released his debut mixtape, Duality, and it’s fantastic.


LA passed another dumb condoms-in-porn law

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Back in March, the mayor of Los Angeles <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2012/01/la-mayor-signs-pointless-porn-condom-law" target="_blank">signed a city ordinance</a> requiring adult performers to wear condoms on all adult shoots within the city limits that required a film permit - which was a limited restriction, since few porn shoots shot in places where they needed a permit, and could just move outside the city.


Edward Furlong Is Out Of Jail, Looks Great

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TMZ reported yesterday that Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong, now 35, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, and it was a confusing read at first, because I had just assumed he had been in jail this whole time for drugs or whatever, but apparently I was wrong.

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