Behind On Baseball? Watch The Final Outs Of The Last 50 World Series.


In case you've fallen behind on your World Series history, you can now watch the final out of the last 50 Fall Classics in one video.


Paul Rudd And Hollywood’s Biggest Baseball Fans Continue To Torment Gene Lamont


Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis have kept their strange obsession with Gene Lamont alive for this year's Big Slick charity event.


This Incredible Throw Is Yet Another Reminder That Yoenis Céspedes Is A Pretty Good Baseball Player

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It's going to be hard to knock Yoenis Céspedes off the top of Highlight Mountain after this incredible throw he made against the Angels.


50 Cent’s First Pitch At The Mets Game Was An Instant All-Time Worst Nominee

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The New York Mets welcomed 50 Cent to throw out tonight's first pitch and the result was hilariously terrible.


Fans Rejoice As Miami Marlins President David Samson Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor’

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Despite claiming that he'd win because people underestimate him, Miami Marlins President David Samson was the first contestant booted from 'Survivor.'


The Winners And Losers Of Major League Baseball’s Photo Day(s)

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As Major League Baseball teams have begun training, they've also been taking time out for photo day, and the results are mostly humorous.


F*ck Yeah: Cleveland Indians Slash Stadium Beer Prices

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For northeast Ohio baseball fans, the 2013 season will see the Cleveland Indians cut their stadium beer prices on game days from over $5 to $4 for a 12-ounce mug of fermented hops.


8.3 The Cooler

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Jim Thome Joins MLB’s 600 Home Run Club

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<a href="">Jim Thome</a>, the hay-baling Illinois farm boy with a knack for making opposing pitchers look incompetent, crossed the 600 home run mark last night by hitting two opposite field shots to reach the milestone.


And Now You Can Use Twitter To Order Beer

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<a href=""> <a href="">CNBC:</a> "Kevin Zelko likes to think of himself as a smarter beer vendor.


6.24 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Saffi Karina The Top 10 Pointless Rap Videos <a href="">[The BVX]</a> How The Movie Rating System Actually Works <a href="">[College Humor]</a> It’s Official: Kevin Durant On The Cover Of NBA Elite 11 <a href="">[Dime]</a> Tupac and R.


Bud Selig Makes Worse Calls Than Jim Joyce

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<a href=""> So <a href="">the mistake</a> was made.


Is This The Worst Call In The History Of Sports?

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<a href=""> In case you've been too busy watching real sports to notice, MLB pitching has gotten much better thanks to the fact that hitters have stopped injecting steroids into their bums. There have been two perfect games in the last month, only the <a href="">19th</a> and <a href="">20th</a> instances in MLB history.


Phillies Pitch Perfection!

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<a href=""> The ghost of Cy Young is among us, ladies and gentlemen. And he's possessing the pitchers of Major League Baseball. Not even a month removed since <a href="">Dallas Braden pitched a perfect game</a>, we have a classic case of déjà vu as Roy Halladay becomes the 20th member of the perfect game club.


The Game Is Baseball And They Play It To Perfection

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<a href=""> It's one of the rarest feats in professional sports. In fact, before yesterday, only eighteen others since 1880 have been able to be immaculate from the mound. But even if he never plays another game in his life, Dallas Braden of the Oakland A's will be etched in the history books for his play yesterday afternoon. For he did achieve perfection with his perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays. As in throwing 109 pitches (77 of them being strikes) with no one reaching a base. And to think, it was his first complete game. Fresh arms and legs will work wonders. The left-hander pointed to the sky in honor of his mom, Jodie Atwood, who died of cancer when he was a high school senior. He shared a long and tearful hug with his grandma, Peggy Lindsey, the woman who raised him, in front of the dugout. "It hasn't been a joyous day for me in a while,'' Braden said. "With my Grandma in the stands it makes it a lot better.'' <a href="">[Via]</a> It really doesn't get much better than that.


11.29 The Cooler

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The Original #24

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Behind <a href="">Michael Jordan</a>, <a href="">Ken Griffey Jr.</a> likely ranks as my favorite athlete of the 1990's.


Surprisingly, Baseball Isn’t So Bad After All…

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If you skipped last night's heart-attack-inducing single-game playoff between the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers for the <a href="">AL Central Championship</a> based solely on an anti-baseball bias, I feel sorry for you.

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