The Undertaker Is Appearing At A Family Fun Run And Kayfabe Is Officially Dead

By | 12 Comments

The Undertaker will be appearing at a rural Texas family fun run. Reminder: he has Satanic lightning powers and is doing a FAMILY FUN RUN.


Here’s Your Labor Day TV Marathon Guide

By | 6 Comments

Because the only labor you should be doing is binge-watchin your favorite TV shows.


FXX’s New Commercial For ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Is One Million Percent Accurate

By | 14 Comments

FXX gives us a dark and realistic look at the future of a world in which 'The Simpsons' is on at all times during a two-week marathon.


How Many Of The 25 Greatest ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes Do You Agree With?

By | 37 Comments

In honor of 25 years of "Seinfeld," here are the 25 greatest episodes...of "Seinfeld."


An American Won The Boston Marathon For The First Time Since 1983

By | 13 Comments

Runner Meb Keflezighi ended America's long slump and inspired plenty of people with his historic win at the Boston Marathon today.


A New York City Marathon Runner Took Hilarious Selfies With All The Hotties She Saw

By | 34 Comments

One way to make a long-distance marathon exciting: take selfies with hotties.


An Elderly Australian Couple Ran A Marathon. Every Day. For An Entire Year.

By | 4 Comments

An Australian couple in their 60s spent 2013 running a marathon. A marathon every single day for the entire year. THEY ARE IN THEIR SIXTIES YOU GUYS.


What's On Tonight (And Tomorrow): Christmas Marathons, Movies, And Specials Galore

By | 17 Comments

Here's your guide to all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day programming.


AMC Theaters Will Roll Out ‘Thor: The Dark World’ On Thorsday

By | 6 Comments

Want to see 'Thor', 'The Avengers', and 'Thor: The Dark World' back to back? You can, and in theaters no less.


R.I.P. Boogie Butts, The Half-Marathon Dog

By | 7 Comments

Hug your dogs today, folks. And tell them about the legend of Boogie Butts.


Gordon Ramsay Completed The Hawaii Ironman Race To Prove He Can (And Will) Kill Us All

By | 15 Comments

Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay completed the Hawaii Ironman in just over 14 hours this weekend.


A Man With Muscular Dystrophy Competed In (And Finished) The Chicago Marathon


Maickel Melamed, a man with Muscular Dystrophy, competed in (and finished) the Chicago Marathon.


All Hail Boogie Butts, The Chocolate Labrador Retriever That Ran A Half-Marathon

By | 3 Comments

After escaping his leash on Friday night, a chocolate Lab named Boogie Butts was found after he ran a half-marathon in Evansville, Indiana the next day.


Meet Iram Leon, The Man With An Inoperable Brain Tumor Who Won A Marathon

By | 5 Comments

Yesterday we shared with you a clip of a <a href="" target="_blank">Texas high school senior bench-pressing 700 pounds</a>.


100-Year Old Man Completes Marathon And Now I Feel Bad About Everything

By | 3 Comments

I'm a pretty healthy guy, but sometimes I get halfway up a flight of steps and consider lying down and napping it off.

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