Comments of the Week: Boogers Edition

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Who won this week's comments of the week? Who will win next week's Blazing Saddles 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray? Find out!


The 10 Greatest Basketball Moments Ever In TV Sitcoms

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Growing up in the ‘90s, I was spoiled in an era that was full of great television sitcoms.


Comments of the Week: Martin Edition

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The week's best FilmDrunk comments, which ran the gamut from bad puns to Biblical puns about depraved sex acts.


Comments of the Week: Super China Giant Screen, I Guarantee It

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Your comments always inspire fun collages, but this one was particularly satisfying.


‘Martin’ Has A Porn Parody Now? ‘Martin’ Has A Porn Parody Now

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In case you didn't know, our ace boon coon African-American, J.


The Inevitable 'Downton Abbey' – 'Martin' Mashup (and the Morning Links)


The World’s Most Hideous Car Is For Sale On Craigslist — (Uproxx) No One Will Ever Believe You Colored In The Bill Murray Coloring Book — (Uproxx) LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh Celebrated By Rapping With LMFAO — (With Leather) Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World — (Film Drunk)

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4.27 The Cooler

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Lauren D'Marie Brian McKnight Explains Why He Recorded X-Rated "P**sy Song" [Vibe] RZA Inadvertently Reveals Why The Wu-Tang Clan Broke Up [Refined Hype] A Complete Guide To Martin's Sneakers [Complex] Alison Brie’s 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments [Uproxx] Nintendo Confirms That It's Selling 3DS At [...].

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Video: Benzino Is Alive Apparently

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It looks like YN’s angry, less relevant doppelganger is at it again.


Today’s Time Waster: The Best Of Bruh Man

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There's really no need for words to set the context.



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I was speaking to a good friend of mine back home who is getting married in a few weeks and she told me that she was going to Belize for her honeymoon.

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