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The Dancing Cow That Everyone In The Grocery Store Ignores Is Back

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This time, the dairy mascot opted for house music in the milk aisle.


Watch These People Act Like There Isn’t A Giant Cow Dancing In The Middle Of The Grocery Store

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This cow dancing in the middle of the Mexican grocery store is having THE TIME OF ITS LIFE.


The First Lab-Grown Vagina Implants Have Been A Success

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Four teenage girls born without a vagina (due to Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome) have had long-term success with lab-grown vagina implants.


A Guy Was Busted For Drunk Driving In Mexico City Thanks To… His Parrot?

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A 49-year old man was stopped by police in Mexico City at a routine DUI checkpoint and he was ratted out for drunk driving by his own pet bird.

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Mexico City Arena Fire Forces Wolves – Spurs Cancellation


The NBA's planned Spurs-Wolves game in Mexico City tonight hit a bit of a snag when a fire from an outside generator led to smoke billowing into the arena.


‘Gravity’ Director Responds Perfectly To Reporter Who Asked What Filming In Space Is Like


Here is 'Gravity' director Alfonso Cuarón perfectly fielding a question from a reporter asking (in jest) what it was like to film in outer space.


Step Aside Cash-For-Gold, Now There's Wi-Fi For Dog Poo

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Now you're also a free Wi-Fi factory, little buddy.

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