Disney Pranks Mall Shoppers In Most Adorable Way Ever

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Going to the mall can sometimes be a drag, and Disney's here to help.

Christina Aguilera

Did Christina Aguilera Cuss Out Mickey Mouse During A Birthday Trip To Disneyland?

By | 9 Comments

Christina Aguilera spent her 34th birthday at Disneyland, where she may have gotten into a verbal altercation with Mickey Mouse.


Here’s Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Pooping On A Crew Of Creepy Times Square Mascots

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Triumph gives the Times Square mascot army some helpful money making tips.


Deadmau5 Is Trying To Trademark His Ears, But Walt Disney Is Having None Of It

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Deadmau5 and Disney have never really been the best of friends in the past, but now their relationship is heading to court.


Russian Dashcam Captures Mickey Mouse And SpongeBob Imposters In A Creepy Road Rage Brawl

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You'll think twice about cutting off that old station wagon after watching this.

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Here’s Our First Look At Mark Hamill’s Epic Jedi Beard For ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

By | 21 Comments

Disney has released an official promo picture of a thinner, bearded Mark Hamill wielding a lightsaber with Jedi Mickey Mouse.

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5 Classic Disney Games That Need To Be Remade (And 5 More That Absolutely Don’t)

By | 26 Comments

Some classic Disney games are more deserving of remakes than others...

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More Classic Disney Gaming Goodness On The Way! ‘Castle Of Illusion’ Is Getting An HD Remake.

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Another classic Disney game gets a remake. Keep 'em coming Disney and maybe I'll forget you shut down LucasArts!

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Epic Mickey 2 Exists and Is Going to Have Lots of Singing

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It's been a pretty poorly kept secret for a while that Warren Spector's next game was going to be Epic Mickey 2, and now it's been confirmed by the man himself -- Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is in development for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Wayne Allwine, voice of Mickey Mouse since 1977, is dead of complications from diabetes at age 62.

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