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Sweet, Funny, And Wistful Tweets From The ‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast After The #ParksFarewell

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Fun Fact: 'I like you and I love you' was coined by Rashida Jones' Dad, Quincy Jones.

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The David Foster Wallace TV And Film References You May Have Missed

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Since his death in 2008, David Foster Wallace moments and references have found their way into pop culture on the regular.

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‘Parks And Recreation’ Mocked DeflateGate With Another Sports-Themed Easter Egg

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For the last two seasons, the creators of NBC's Parks and Recreation have thrilled nerdy baseball fans like me with hidden sports-related easter eggs.

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What If Amy Poehler Visited ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ As Leslie Knope From ‘Parks And Recreation’?

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No seriously, what if? Andy Samberg wants Amy Poehler to visit the show as her 'Parks and Recreation' character.

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Chris Pratt On The End Of ‘Parks And Recreation': ‘I Would Never F*cking Leave This Show’

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Chris Pratt says he'd never leave the show that made him, and Mike Schur talks about the Feb. 24 finale.

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All Of Pawnee Will Be Coming Back Together At The End Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ According To Michael Schur

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Showrunner Mike Schur and others revealed "Everyone is there at the end" of the series finale.


How Gary Sinise And ‘CSI: New York’ Are Responsible For The Creation Of Ron Swanson

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If it weren't for Gary Sinise and the bad decisions of NBC executives, Ron Swanson would never exist.

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The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To Stephen Colbert Ending His Run On ‘The Colbert Report’

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There was an outpouring of sentiment on Twitter last night as Stephen Colbert said goodbye to 'The Colbert Report.'

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The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions To News Of ‘The Interview’ Being Canceled

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In the wake of Sony's cancellation of 'The Interview,' celebrities are PISSED.

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DID YOU KNOW: ‘Parks & Rec’ Showrunner Mike Schur Appeared In A 2007 Episode Of ‘The O.C.’

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Did you know 'Parks & Rec' showrunner Mike Schur once appeared on 'The O.C.' Because he did! And we have video!


Mike Schur Wants ‘Parks and Recreation’ To End With A Hillary Clinton Cameo And A Jean-Ralphio Spin-Off

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Mike Schur talks about the perfect ending for 'Parks and Recreation' ahead of tonight's 100th episode.

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Andy Samberg’s New Cop Comedy ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine': What The Critics Are Saying

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A round-up of reviews for Fox's new cop comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.


Which Of These 5 TV Shows From ‘The Office’ Talent Are You Most Likely To Watch Next Season?

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Several characters from The Office and/or writers on the show are creating new series for next season. Which looks like the best?


Andy Samberg Is Making A Sitcom With The Co-Creator Of ‘Parks and Recreation’

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Andy Samberg has been signed to Mike Schur's new Fox sitcom, plus Mike Schur's 'Philly Justice' is becoming a reality.


The Best of Perd Hapley Has the Cadence of a Joke, So I Am Laughing

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"Park & Recreation's" Perd Hapley is one of my favorite minor characters on television.

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