Kevin Love’s Game Winning Three Breaks The Clippers 101-98

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A Friday night game featuring the Clips and the T'wolves would've got the gas face anytime before this season.


Get Used To This: Ricky Rubio To Derrick Williams

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While formulating <a href="">our predictions</a> prior to the season, one that was thrown around - that ultimately didn't make the cut - was Kevin Love, <a href="">Ricky Rubio</a> and the Minnesota Timberwolves being one of the more exciting teams this season to not make the playoffs.


Timberwolves Rookie Ricky Rubio Debuts Against The Thunder

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It's been a while since a floppy-haired, skinny kid named <a href="">Ricky Rubio</a> shocked the world by hanging with the best point guards America had to offer in the 2008 Olympic Gold-Medal Game.


Russell Westbrook’s Crossover Leaves Luke Ridnour Floored

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For as much sh*t as Russell Westbrook takes for his controversial ball distribution habits, the fact still remains he's one of the more freakishly talented basketball players on the face of the Earth.


Don Nelson May Coach The Minnesota Timberwolves

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As these long, cold lockout-tainted days drift by, I really want to think about on-the-court NBA basketball, which is difficult since those sort of stories are few-and-far amid off-court tales and alternate summer vacation plans surrounding the lockout.

The Police Blotter

NBA Lockout Report: Michael Beasley Busted For Marijuana Possession And Speeding

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Obviously, someone dropped the ball in passing the message to current Minnesota Timberwolves swingman <a href="">Michael Beasley</a> that speeding with weed in the car isn't exactly the smartest decision.


David Kahn Wanted Mike Krzyzewski To Coach The Minnesota Timberwolves

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Pending further research, <a href="">David Kahn</a> could actually be the real life version of Peter Griffin; a man with so much power running the show that his mistakes make for such entertaining, yet head scratching moments.


David Kahn Wanted Mike Krzyzewski


As my fascination with the mental capacity of NBA general managers continues, Minnesota’s David Kahn has once again excelled beyond the wildest imaginable possibilities.


Ricky Rubio is the Most Important Person in Minnesota History

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The first thing you hear when you click play on this video is people going HE'S COMING, HE'S COMING.


Ricky Rubio Will Finally Join The NBA

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After two years of waiting, Spanish star <a href="">Ricky Rubio</a> reportedly has <a href="">finally agreed</a> to come over to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2011-12 NBA season.


NBA Round-Up: Cavs Are On The Clock

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The Cleveland Cavaliers won the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft last night, and Dan Gilbert and Co.


Kevin Love Does Not Smell Like An All-Star

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have finally done something clever, and it only took them 22 years.


LeBron Doesn’t Want NBA Contraction, *Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge*

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LeBron James recently told ESPN that the NBA could benefit from teams having more superstars, a la his partnership with Dwyane Wade and that other guy on the Miami Heat.


Anthony Tolliver Will Take His Talents To Zzzzz….

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If you're anyone who's anyone, then you've been waiting with bated breath to see where Creighton alum and <a href="">D-League superstar</a> Anthony Tolliver will be taking his talents next season.


Beasley Got Too High for Kahn’s Taste

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Stoned Birthday Dog's temptations of bong rips and ice cream cake are too much for Michael.


Chris Webber > Darko Milicic

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Just in case you forgot, here's a list of some of the players the Detroit Pistons could have selected with the #2 overall pick in the 2003 draft: Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Chris Kaman, Michael Pietrus, Kirk Hinrich, T.


David Kahn’s Secret Weapon

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Raleigh McCammon, pictured above, has completed the paper work to be eligible for the June 24th NBA Draft.


Video: Corey Brewer Dunks On Derek Fisher

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This is like witnessing a crime being committed.

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