Baz Luhrmann Is Making A Hip-Hop Musical Series For Netflix About 1970s New York

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Baz Luhrmann's first TV show 'The Get Down' will be, surprise, a period piece musical set in New York City.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon Lead A Booze-Fueled ‘Grease’ Singalong At A New York City Bar

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Jimmy Fallon led a NYC bar in a moving rendition of 'Summer Nights' because what else would Jimmy Fallon be up to?


The City Of New York Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Sex And The City’ Photo Shoot

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Sex and the City of New York isn't a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker right now.

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An Apartment Building In Harlem Has Collapsed Following A Huge Explosion

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What appears to be a residential apartment building at the corner of 116th and Park Avenue in Harlem exploded and collapsed around 9:30 EST this morning.

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Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Have a Yodel Conversation


Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt have a "yodel conversation" across the New York City skyline.


Here’s A Supercut Of The NYC Subway As It Was Depicted In Films From The 70s And 80s

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The NYC subway used to be gritty and dangerous. Let's remember that bygone time through film, shall we?


Adam Sandler – Hallelujah (We’re New Yorkers)


Adam Sandler's contribution to the 12.

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Brooklyn Hipsters vs. Hurricane Sandy


Brooklyn Hipsters are remarkably well-equipped to handle hurricanes.


The Central Park Five (Trailer)


The first trailer for the documentary that examines the 1989 case of five minority teenagers who were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park.


The Bush Man in Central Park


Ed Bassmaster takes his bush costume to Central Park to scare unsuspecting New Yorkers.


Kid Licks Entire Subway Railing


An enterprising young gentleman licks an entire NYC subway entrance railing for one dollar.


Tony Danza’s Brooklyn Rap


Tony Danza opens his panel at the Brooklyn Book Festival by rapping a list of famous people who were born in Brooklyn.


Rajon Rondo Interns For GQ, Shows Why You Should Never Be A Fashion Intern

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Rajon Rondo looks like a good dude, despite the fact that I could give two sh*ts about his on-court play.


Romney Rock! Hittin' The West Village


Tagg and Craig Romney brave the mean streets of the West Village in order to hit one of New York City's coolest, most youthful hangouts.


Lower Manhattan’s Streets as Famous Musicians


To celebrate Lower Manhattan on 9/11, cdza plays songs by musicians that match its street names.


NYC Blanket Hunt


How willing are New Yorkers to share their park blankets.


Empire State of Pen


An amazing time-lapse video of artist Patrick Vale drawing the view of the Manhattan skyline from the Empire State Building -- entirely freehand, with an ink pen.


Crazy Times Square Fight


An argument between a homeless man and a tourist quickly escalates, with the combatants using everything from crutches to street barricades as weapons.

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