Austin Millz Introduces Us To His Favorite Harlem Food Spots And Hangouts

With winter well behind us, we’re now in the prime travel season. Aside from hitting up all the upcoming festivals (Coachella anyone?), you’re going to want to make time this year to hit up the places that make for great travel destinations year-round, like New York City. With a city as iconic as NYC, it can be tough to figure out where to go and what to do, which is why we reached out to electronic music producer and DJ Austin Millz. Millz calls the legendary neighborhood of Harlem home and is currently reshaping the sound of the city that raised him.

“Harlem was instrumental in my childhood and my upbringing. It raised me and I’m truly a product of my environment,” says Millz, “From taking the A train to and from school to hanging with my friends in the neighborhood, the memories are endless.”

Millz is known and beloved for his unique sound, which combines all of the best elements of soul and dance music. His latest single Freeway serves as the perfect early spring and summer bop to help usher in those warm weather vibes. Featuring vocals from Estelle, Freeway is four nice and tight minutes of dance floor pop perfection as Millz provides Estelle with a driving beat and lush synths that serve as the perfect sound for her cool and breezy vocals.

As the title would suggest, Freeway is ideal driving music, and naturally, ideal travel music. It’s impossible to watch the video for the single and not want to hop in a car and drive wherever the road takes you. Freeway is set to appear on Millz’s forthcoming EP, Breathwork, which will also feature collaborations with Sabrina Claudio and a tour stop at this year’s Coachella. Give it a listen and check out Millz’s exclusive guide to his favorite Harlem hangouts and food spots below.

Where You Have To Go: 125th Street

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The first thing someone should do when visiting Harlem is go to 125th Street! That’s the mecca right there. You can experience everything from fashion to music to all kinds of people. You can really feel Harlem at its core on one two five.

Where To Eat: Famous Fish Market, Ricardo’s Steak House, and Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken

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It doesn’t get much better with food in Harlem. I’ll give you my favorite three at the moment. Famous Fish on 145th Street — I’ve been going to this fish staple for as long as I can remember. At first, I took this place for granted but as I traveled the world and my food palette increased, this place still remains up there on my list. It’s just a place where you know you can expect quality food. I can guarantee every Friday this place gets so packed that the line goes through the door and wraps around the street. I get the classic fish & chips, sometimes even with shrimp.

Ricardos Steak House on the East Side is a place I’ve gone to since its opening. It’s a place where I go and can expect to hear good music and have delicious food. From the appetizers to the main course, you can leave satisfied and this place feels like Harlem from the inside out.

If I want some classic soul food, I go to Charles Country Pan Fried Chicken. Now, this place is fairly new but it’s already on my list of best soul food in Harlem, and that’s saying a lot because there’s tough competition. Soul food and Harlem are synonymous.

Where To Drink: 67 Orange Street

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My favorite place to grab a drink in Harlem is called 67 Orange. The way they make drinks is exquisite. Speakeasy caliber type drinks.

Where To Party: Shrine (for Dancing) Ginny’s Supper Club (for Jazz)

Over the years places have come and gone in Harlem in terms of places to party, but Harlem does come alive at night. There’s a place called Shrine where you can always have a good time and dance. And if you’re into jazz, Ginny’s Supper Club is the place.

Breakfast Worth Waking Up Early For: Jimbo’s Hamburger Palace

My favorite breakfast spot in Harlem is called Jimbos. You can find Jimbos in every 10/15 block radius in Harlem. It’s a diner but the food here is immaculate. They know how to do breakfast well and also the cheeseburgers too. You really can’t go wrong here.

Where To Escape: Central Park

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My favorite getaway spot in Harlem would have to be Central Park. Taking walks in the park and just going through nature helps me decompress and reset when needed.

Where To Shop: 125th Street

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Don’t want to give away too many gems on the swag, but you can find some cool spots on 125th Street.

Where To Grab A Late-Night Bite: Hajjis Deli

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The best late-night food spot is Hajjis on 110th Street. This is a Harlem staple for one reason and one reason only. This is the home and creator of the beloved and world-renowned meal we call the Chopped Cheese. If you don’t know what a Chopped Cheese is, you’re going to have to Google it. Harlem is the place where the Chopped Cheese was invented and it was created right here at this spot called Hajjis. If you know, you know.

What You Need To Do Before Leaving: Visit The Apollo Theater

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One thing everyone visiting Harlem must do is attend a night at The Apollo. It’s one of the world’s most famous theaters that’s so rich in history, and I think everyone should experience it if coming through Harlem.