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2014 academy awards

Pitcher John Axford Was A Perfect 18-For-18 On His Oscar Picks Last Night

By | 3 Comments

Indians reliever John Axford proved that just about anybody can be a movie expert these days.


Nobody Enjoyed Last Night's Oscars Pizza More Than Brad Pitt

By | 10 Comments

Nobody was happier to see that pizza than Brad Pitt -- who was absolutely just having a passionate, torrid love affair with his slice.

2014 oscars

Bill Murray Dropped A Well-Timed Tribute To Harold Ramis At The Oscars

By | 27 Comments

Leave it to Bill Murray to make the perfect Harold Ramis tribute.

2014 oscars

Watch The Only Oscars Monologue To Reference Jonah Hill's Penis


In which Ellen's Oscars monologue references Jonah Hill's manhood.


Here Are The 8 Most Cringe-Worthy Oscar Acceptance Speeches Ever Made

By | 22 Comments

I'd like to thank the Academy for giving these people a forum to display their insanity.


The 10 Totally Most Serious Greatest Oscar Snubs In The History Of Cinema

By | 43 Comments

There have been great and offensive Oscar snubs in the history of films, but none more than this totally serious list of 10 movies.


Here Are The Las Vegas Odds For The Oscars, Including The All-Important Pink-Midler Duet Question

By | 19 Comments

You can bet on all the Oscar categories, and on whether Pink and Bette Midler will perform a duet.


‘Captain Phillips’ And The Problem With ‘Based On A True Story’

By | 152 Comments

Oscars week feature: When a movie purports to depict real events, doesn't it owe us some insight into those events?

2014 oscars

The 10 Most Embarrassing Early TV Roles For This Year’s Oscar Nominees

By | 5 Comments

Before she was in "American Hustle," Amy Adams parodied "Grease" in a banking commercial.


15 Soundtrack Classics That Should Have Won The Oscar For Best Original Song

By | 71 Comments

Remember when OutKast wasn't nominated for an Oscar, but a bad song from "Pocahontas" was?


Bill Murray Will Be An Oscars Presenter For The First Time Ever This Sunday

By | 13 Comments

Bill Murray will be a presenter at the Oscars this Sunday. Amazingly, this will be his first time.


Check Out The Full List Of Presenters For The 2014 Academy Awards


If you can't wait til Sunday, we've got the full list right here!


Today In Totally Adorable: Kids Reenacting The 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

By | 6 Comments

Cinefix and have teamed up to recreate scenes from the Best Picture nominees with children, and the result is adorably awesome.

Is ‘The Lone Ranger’ The Worst Oscar-Nominated Film Of The Past 20 Years?

By | 47 Comments

"The Lone Ranger" received as many Oscar nominations as "Inside Llewyn Davis." Goddammit.


These GIFs Of Jennifer Lawrence Explaining Why She Fell At The Oscars Are Near Perfect Internet

By | 4 Comments

If you're a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, that is. And a fan of GIF sets. And cake. Let's not forget about cake.


RIP: Three 6 Mafia's Lord Infamous Dead at 40

By | 17 Comments

Three 6 Mafia's Ricky "Lord Infamous" Dunigan, dead at 40.


Even The Oscars Have A Teaser Trailer Now

By | 6 Comments

In this new teaser trailer for the Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres dances and lip syncs in a tuxedo so you'll never forget that the Oscars will happen.

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