A 9-Month-Old Baby Was Arrested For Attempted Murder In Pakistan

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"Have You Seen Your Baby, Mother, Trying to Kill the Police?"


'Hitlar,' a Pakistani movie about Hitler's son and his army of bears

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Today I found out about the 80s Pakistani action flick, Hitlar, and I have mixed feelings about it.


Pakistani Action Movie: Flying Korans Kill Salman Rushdie with Lasers

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If only Danger Guerrero had been around Pakistan in the late 80s, we might be reading a Scene Breakdown of International Guerillas, a forgotten action film recently remembered by EverythingIsTerrible (doing the lord's work as always).


Jon Stewart: WTF Pakistan?!


As more time has passed and more details have emerged about the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound on Sunday, it becomes more and more impossible to believe that the government of Pakistan -- a country that we shell out billions in foreign aid to each year -- didn't know that Osama Bin Laden was living where he was living, and, in fact, may have even arranged for him to live there.

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