Children Climb Wall For Candy

Avery and Logan's dad is fine with them eating candy, as long as they earn it.


Mahna Mahna: Daddy-Daughter Edition

A father and his daughter collaborate on an adorable version of Mahna Mahna.


Kid Rides Swing Propelled by Leaf Blower

When dad's arms get tired of pushing a swing, his ingenuity takes over.

#video games

Ukrainian Kid Throws Epic Tantrum After Mom Deletes Video Games

Sasha is not happy about his mother's decision to delete all the games from his computer and restrict his daily computer time.


Woman, Son Rescued From Subway Tracks

A distracted woman who tumbled onto the tracks in a Boston area subway stop -- with her 4-year-old son in her arms -- is rescued by quick-thinking commuters.


Little Girl's Close Call

Surveillance cameras capture a little girl narrowly escaping serious injury (if not death) in China after falling off her parent's motorcycle and almost being run over by a moving car.


The 'Lost' Themed Baby Nursery Is Now A Thing That Exists


I imagine when the kid is old enough they're going to get him or her seasons 1-5 on DVD and tell them the show got Firefly'd.


The Parent Rap

A rap about parenting skills from Bluefish TV's parenting series: "It Starts at Home" with Matt Chandler & Gary Thomas.


Louis C.K.'s Guide to Parenting


If you couldn't already tell from the numerous posts devoted to Louis C.

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