Ryan Reynolds Regrets His Baby-Holder Mistake, So Give A Father A Break

First-time father Ryan Reynolds stopped by Today to chat with Matt Lauer. Officially, Reynolds meant to discuss his new movie, Self/Less, but the conversation took a more domestic turn. Yes, Reynolds showed up to promote work, but Lauer brought up the baby-holder controversy.

Poor guy. Nobody got hurt, yet he will bear this shame for children to come. The internet shamed Reynolds for carrying baby James too low in her carrier. Dad also wished to protect his child’s privacy, so he hid her face. The parenting police wondered if James could breathe while Blake Lively snapped an artisanal photo for posterity.

Reynolds says little James is just fine. She’s managing well with a gender-neutral name and still breathing. Referring to the notorious Instagram photo, he admitted, “The baby’s not properly secured in the vessel that I’m wearing there. I’m a first-time dad, and that is not the first mistake I’ve made. I can guarantee you it won’t be last.”


(Via Today / Blake Lively)