Instagram Freaked Out After Ryan Reynolds Held His Baby The Wrong Way


On Father’s Day, Blake Lively lovingly posted a photo of Ryan Reynolds holding their daughter, James, in a snuggle carrier. Instagram is now losing its mind over this image.

No, people aren’t swooning over Reynolds’ wholesome good looks or Blake’s silly caption. They’re zeroing in on the positioning of the baby in its carrier. Even the inexperienced would notice that something is amiss. The baby’s face is completely hidden, which was probably for privacy purposes. Reynolds surely pays close enough attention to monitor his child’s airway.

Some experts also noted how baby James is positioned too low in her carrier. Her feet stick out of the bottom, which is “totally against the way this carrier is designed. Her legs should be spread apart 90 degrees and 100 degrees up. In a straight-leg position like this, the hip is essentially pushed out of the socket.” So Reynolds should have pushed James’ legs up into frog position. Lesson learned, hopefully.

Here’s a sampling of the ongoing, outraged comments directed at a first-time father.

(via Blake Lively on Instagram & Yahoo!)