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Patriotic Theatergoers Sang ‘Proud To Be An American’ Before Watching ‘The Interview’

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Alamo Drafthouse patrons sang along to "Proud to be an American" before a screening of 'The Interview'.


For Independence Day Week, Here’s A Ranking Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s’ Most Patriotic Moments

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Let's celebrate the 4th of July early with these patriotic moments from 'It's Always Sunny'. Rock flag and eagle!


The ‘Captain America Statistics Song!’ Is A Sobering Reality Check

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ADHD's updated Captain America theme song runs through some important American statistics -- none of them good.


Jonny Gomes's White House Blazer Game Is A Star-Spangled A+++


Boston Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes wore a star-spangled blazer to the White House to meet President Obama today.


10 Videos Of Patriotic Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong

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Nothing says "patriotism" quite like taking a huge risk that you might burn your entire neighborhood to the ground.


The Wiggles Wrote A Glorious Song About The U.S. Rugby League World Cup Team

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After the U.S. Tomahawks pulled off huge wins over Cook Islands and South Wales in the rugby World Cup, the Wiggles recorded a tribute to them.


The Hug Lady


Elizabeth Laird, known as "The Hug Lady" by the soldiers at Ft.

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