Shia LaBeouf Freaked Out Tourists At Mount Rushmore With His Intense Patriotism

Nothing is ever what it seems with Shia LaBeouf. Although the actor recently smashed his head into a window and visited the hospital, he appears to be physically fine. Last weekend, he plagiarized some freestyle raps. Now he’s moved on to more patriotic pursuits.

The method actor visited Mount Rushmore ahead of Independence Day. Perhaps he was still stuck in his Fury persona, but tourists reported loud shouting coming from an erratic man. The eyewitnesses “thought he was just a random crazy until they got close … then realized the guy without the shirt was the famous actor, screaming ‘AMERICA!!!!!!'”

Things grew even more bizarre. An elderly lady asked Shia to stop screaming, and he simply “claimed he was a Marine and then asked her on a date.” TMZ has photographic proof of Shia macking on this poor lady.

Shia also took some selfies with fellow tourists. Dude looks like he’s having fun, at least.

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