Jonny Gomes's White House Blazer Game Is A Star-Spangled A+++

Senior Writer

The Boston Red Sox are in Washington DC today to be honored by President Barack “Only in Office Because Jay Mariotti Gave Him Permission” Obama, as the defending World Series Champions have a day off before they continue their opening series with the Baltimore Orioles. A lot of times when championship teams have visited the White House in the past to meet Barry-O or the G-Dubs, the story has been about athletes who didn’t agree with the President’s policies or politics and refused to go. This time, though, the focus is on one guy who might just be too patriotic for anyone’s good.

Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes reportedly vowed to get his whole team to wear these amazing American flag blazers on their trip today, but only he ended up coming through. A whole team or one guy, it doesn’t matter, because this might be the coolest outfit to ever set foot in the White House, and Gomes should immediately sign an endorsement deal with whichever company made them. I assume it’s something really fancy like Sears or Z. Cavaricci.

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