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Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-Ray: Star Trek Into Tyler Perry’s Darkness

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Obviously, Star Trek Into Darkness is the big DVD this week, which gives us at least one more chance to use that screen-grab above of Alice Eve from the movie.


Phil Spector’s wife sounds super stable

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I didn't follow the Phil Spector murder case all that closely when it happened, and I admit I just assumed it was another Robert Blake/OJ Simpson case, where a dude murdered a female acquaintance and then tried to use the "but I'm famous.

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The True Stories Behind 8 Of Phil Spector’s Greatest Songs

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The time Phil Spector pulled a gun on the Ramones, and other insane "Wall of Sound" stories.


A Thorough Accounting of Al Pacino’s Phil Spector Wigs

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When Al Pacino plays an eccentric, megalomaniacal music producer in a biopic written and directed by David Mamet, you can bet it's a recipe for ACTING, with a capital A.

Count Al Pacino’s Hairstyles In HBO’s ‘Phil Spector’ Trailer (And The Morning Links)

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Watch a new trailer for HBO's "Phil Spector" with Al Pacino, and the rest of the Morning Links.

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Awesome Twilight Fan Art & Morning Links

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Aw, that's exactly like my Twilight fan art.

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