The First Trailer For ‘Powers’ Proves That Sony Isn’t Making Your Usual Superhero Tale

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Sony is looking to make a big splash with 'Powers,' their first streaming series exclusive to the Playstation console.


‘Powers’ Casts Its Faded Heroic Lead, And It’s Perfect

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'Powers' just became interesting with an excellent lead casting choice.


‘Powers’ Finally Comes To TV Via A Game Console

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'Powers' will be heading straight to series... but if you want to see it, you'd better get a PlayStation.


Action Figures – “Coral Blue”


In many relationships, one person is the puppeteer and the other is simply a puppet.


“Powers” Not Strong Enough For FX?


So much for that dream: FX has passed on the "Powers" pilot.

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T-Mobile Girl on “Powers”, Immediately Killed Off

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You might remember Carly Foulkes as the girl who looks sort of like Anne Hathaway in those T-Mobile commercials, but soon you'll know her better as a corpse.


Hot British Chick Cast in “Powers”?


As you may have heard, FX is going to be producing a TV pilot for "Powers", Brian Michael Bendis' series about cops dealing with superheroes.


Attractive Actress Cast in Lead Role

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Lucy Punch, perhaps best known for her roles in Hot Fuzz and the upcoming Bad Teacher (she plays Cameron Diaz's redheaded nemesis), has been cast as the lead in the FX drama pilot "Powers.


Nerds Rejoice: “Powers” Is Coming To Television

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<a href=""> Hollywood is a copycat little village. When one film does well, you can expect a bunch of different movie studios trying to replicate the success with their own version of basically the same thing. It happened when there were 10 asteroid/end of the world movies a decade ago and it happened when comic book adaptations started taking over the world. It looks like the comic explosion is hitting the small screen now, too. If you've been under a rock, The Walking Dead is a ridiculously awesome nerdgasm-worthy comic adaptation just finished its first season on AMC. Though I never read the comic, I'm a huge fan of the television show and can't wait for the second season. Now, Hollywood is trying to capture lightning in a bottle by picking up more comic book shows. The next on the list is one of my favorites: Powers. It's a gritty crime drama about two detectives that solve Super-hero crimes. According the Brian Michael-Bendis, who writes the comic, one of the former writers for The Walking Dead, Charles Eglee, is looking to take his writing talents to <a href="">creating a television version</a> of Powers.

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