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Sacha Baron Cohen Praises Paramount For Letting Leo Do Coke Out Of A Hooker’s Butt

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In thanking Paramount for a new deal, Sacha Baron Cohen cited the studio's willingness to let Leonardo DiCaprio snort coke from a hooker's butt.


‘Grimsby’: Sacha Baron Cohen in a Spy Spoof Opposite a Soccer Hooligan

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Hot off pretending to murder an old woman at the Britannia Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly going to be doing his Leslie Nielsen thing in a spy spoof for Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier


Video: Sacha Cohen pretended to kill an old lady at the Britannia Awards

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Sacha Baron Cohen was presented an award for comedy at the Britannia Awards, an opportunity he took to prank the audience by pretending to kill an old lady.


Sacha Baron Cohen Is Out Of The Freddie Mercury Biopic

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Hey everyone, it’s time to rev up the “Another One Bites the Dust” headline generator, because according to our most beloved friend <a href="" target="_blank">Nikki Finke at TOLDJAline</a>, funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen has officially backed out of playing Freddie Mercury in <a href="" target="_blank">the upcoming biopic of the incredibly talented singer’s life</a>.


Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Beat Sacha Baron Cohen With Crowbars For ‘Anchorman 2′

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One of the biggest complaints of the religiously loyal fans (*points to self*) of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is that a sequel would have impossibly large alligator-skin shoes to fill.


Polish all the Oscars! Les Miserables is here!

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The trailer for Les Miserables is here, from The King's Speech director Tom Hooper, and as you can see, it is going to win ALL OF THE OSCARS.


Sacha Baron Cohen set to play a famous Chinese lesbian

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I was one of the few people who found Sacha Cohen genuinely subversive and brilliant and not obnoxious, so when <a href="" target="_blank">I saw The Dictator</a>, I was disappointed that it was mostly hokey jokes about coconut water.

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Review: The Dictator

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Kinda-Sorta Funny in a Who-Caresy Sort of Way Patton Oswalt used to have a bit about going to open mics when he was a younger comedian, saying there were essentially three types of performers you'd see there: people who had a voice and potential, people who were funny-but-who-cares, and lunatics.

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Is it funny yet? The Dictator has a new red-band trailer

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  The Dictator opens next weekend, and Paramount just released a new red-band trailer which you can watch below.


'The Dictator' released its opening scene for some reason

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I feel compelled to preface this by saying that I'm a huge Sacha Cohen fan, from his pre-HBO Ali G Show days all the way through Bruno.

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The Dictator Has A New Clip With Anna Faris

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Between Will Ferrell’s announcement that there will be an Anchorman sequel and Sacha Baren Cohen’s latest film, The Dictator, it’s already a pretty great year for college dudes and bros who love to quote movies.


Donald Trump Blasts Sacha Baron Cohen's Red Carpet Attack On 'Great Guy' Ryan Seacrest

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When we last checked in on loud, puzzlingly coiffed reality show creature Donald Trump's YouTube vlog, he was braying on and on and on about how he has always maintained <a href="">a great relationship with "the blacks,"</a> because if there's anything "the blacks" love, it's a bloated, birther-conspiracy-pushing, bloviating white billionaire who <a href="">eats his crappy pizza with a knife and fork</a>.


Video: Sacha Cohen dumps ashes on Ryan Seacrest, Seacrest says he wasn't in on it

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Leading up to the Oscars, Sacha Baron Cohen's whole <a href="" target="_blank">will-he-attend</a>-the-Oscars-or-<a href="" target="_blank">has-he-been-banned</a>, or-did-he-just-purposely-get-banned-so-he-could-make-<a href="" target="_blank">this-video</a> shtick was getting stale before the event even started.


Blah Blah Sacha Baron Cohen The Oscars Fart Noise

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Sorry to preemptively dismissive wank my own headline, but this is just kind of a dumb non-story all around, that I have to cover anyway because I already brought it up the other day.


Sacha Baron Cohen wants to attend the Oscars in character

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I've been a Sacha Baron Cohen fan since, like way before you had even heard of him (*thumbs nose, rides off on fixie, gets scarf caught in spokes, falls and breaks Macbook*), but even I have to admit that from <a href="" target="_blank">what we've seen so far</a>, The Dictator is not his best work.


Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’ looks… uh…

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Directed by Larry Charles (Bruno, Borat, Religulous, Curb Your Enthusiasm), The Dictator stars kosher British Jew Sacha Baron Cohen as the leader of a fictional Middle Eastern country who "risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.


Sacha Cohen joins Christoph Waltz, the RZA in Quentin Tarantino’s slave movie

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This may be one of my new favorite headlines I've ever written, and the best part is, it's all true.


Court Throws Out Hilarious Lawsuit Against Bruno

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I first told you about Richelle Olson's lawsuit against Sacha Cohen and the producers of Bruno back in <a href="" target="_blank">June 2009</a>.


Martin Scorsese’s kids movie will pop your eyeballs

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It's weird to be sitting here watching the trailer for Hugo, Martin Scorsese's first attempt at a "kids" movie (based on <a href="" target="_blank">The Invention of Hugo Cabret</a>), starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Chloe Moretz, and Ben Kingsley, when less than 24 hours ago I saw Joe Pesci squeeze a guy's head in a vice until his eyeball popped in Casino (which is on Netflix Instant right now).

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