Keke Palmer And Sacha Baron Cohen Will Star In David O. Russell’s ‘Super Toys’

David O. Russell is moving on from the commercial and (mostly) critical failure of Amsterdam to make a movie about 1970s toy sales reps “on a life and death mission to save themselves, their marriage and their live-wire twelve-year-old daughter, on the road in middle America.” With the film trying to cut deals at the European Film Market, IndieWire is reporting that Keke Palmer and Sacha Baron Cohen are attached to star.

In the hands of a different writer/director, this would be a straight comedy with a funky premise, but Russell’s style typically leans heavily on the drama side of dramedy while still playing coy about how strange (and wonderful) humans can be. Granted, after stories about abusive behavior on set and actors that refuse to work with the guy anymore, it takes some effort to get excited about a new Russell film.

It’s possible that this pairing might pique a little interest. Palmer is a hurricane who can basically do anything, and Cohen is a singular figure who nonetheless blends seamlessly into mainstream projects despite countless hours living as Borat. It’s a potent combination.

Super Toys (please be a working title) is still in pre-production, so it’s also conceivable that it won’t get off the ground.

(via IndieWire)