That Time Skip Bayless Questioned Troy Aikman’s Sexuality

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So Skip Bayless speculated that someone was gay and still has a job 25 years later.


Nobody Cares About What Skip Bayless Says, Least Of All His ESPN Colleagues

By | 38 Comments

Somebody at ESPN finally stood up and took Skip Bayless to task for his nonsense.


ESPN Comes To Skip Bayless’ Defense After He Calls Johnny Manziel An Alcoholic

By | 24 Comments

Skip Bayless said some really nasty things about Johnny Manziel so of course ESPN defended him.


Skip Bayless: Rape Charges Gave Kobe Bryant The ‘Sizzle’ He Needed To Sell More Sneakers

By | 55 Comments

Sure, this is a clip from First Take, but this is positively one of the stupidest things a human being has ever said on television.


Watch ESPN’s Personalities Recite The Gettysburg Address For Ken Burns

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For the new Ken Burns documentary, 'The Address,' some of ESPN's biggest personalities delivered the Gettysburg Address in this mash-up.


An Important Reminder Why Richard Sherman Is A Blessing To The NFL And Us

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A lot of people are upset with Richard Sherman's postgame interview from last night, but everyone should be celebrating his WWE-like personality.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says Dwight Howard Lacks The Basketball IQ Required To Be A Dominant Player

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First, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — that lengthy antagonist of Bruce Lee — praised Dwight Howard and his "extraordinary athletic ability.


The Best Tweets, Videos & Hair From NBA Draft Night


The 2013 NBA Draft was possibly the wildest we've ever seen.


Skip Bayless 'Devastated' By The Spurs Loss

By | 15 Comments

This year’s NBA Finals, folks – they weren’t about the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs.


Chauncey Billups: Blake Griffin is “Too Nice”


How good of a point guard/manager is Chauncey Billups.


The Biggest, Most Incredible, Unbelievable, Shouted About Sports Moments Of 2012

By | 30 Comments

It is not an easy task to put together a list, such as the Greatest Sports Moments of 2012, specifically because so many things happen in any given year that it’s all but impossible to universally gauge which one event or person is greater than another.


Why OKC Fans Should Be Happy With How Russell Westbrook Is Playing Right Now


Russell Westbrook scored 14 of his 33 points in the fourth quarter last night to save the Thunder the ignominy of becoming the first team to lose to the Pistons this season.


Video: Antoine Walker Tells Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless How He Blew $110 Million


Last night Twitter was all about the latest installment from ESPN's 30 for 30 series, "Broke" that aired in prime time.

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